I Got Conned!

SLC Comic Con 2014

SLC Comic Con 2014

I had the opportunity last week to attend Salt Lake City Comic Con. This was my first Con, and it was everything I expected… let me run you through a typical hour at the Con:

3:00 – You remember Stan Lee is speaking in the South Ballroom on the other side of the convention center.
3:05 – You make it past the lines of people seeking autographs from Cary Elwes and Bruce Campbell.
3:10 – At about 3 miles per hour, you make your way through the sales booths and pause to buy a book from Jill Williamson.
3:15 – Finally in the hallway, you pause to get a picture with gorgeous Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy cosplay characters.
3:20 – You discover you’ve gone to the North Ballroom where Danny Glover is speaking.
3:25 – You get stuck waiting for a group of girls to get a pic with an overweight man in Thor cosplay.
3:30 – You find the South Ballroom is completely full and there is still a line 8 miles long of people wanting to get in.
3:35 – You reach the end of the line to get in.
3:40 – You decide that waiting in line is hopeless and opt to go to the Secrets of the Haunted Mansion seminar.
3:45 – On your way to another building for the seminar, you pause to buy some Coldstone ice cream.
3:50 – You reach the room where your seminar is just as it’s letting out, so you head back.
3:55 – Someone asks if they can have a picture with you in your Doctor Who cosplay.
4:00 – You meet a guy in Spider-Man cosplay coming out of the Stan Lee seminar. He tells you he arrived at 2:00 and sat through Barbara Eden to make sure he had a seat.

Really, the Con was a blast! Amazing and not-so-amazing cosplay, fascinating seminars for a variety of interests, and sales booths for a wide range of fans.
But ironically, not that many comic books!

If not for comics, why would YOU go to Comic Con?


33 thoughts on “I Got Conned!

  1. For the costumes! Just getting into cosplay and finally went to a local con earlier this year. It was mostly anime and manga focused, but still a large variety of costumes (they had some western stuff too). And I met Janet Varney, a voice actress from “The Legend of Korra” show, so that was really neat.

    I’m more into western media, so if that con had more of it, like things related to my favorite fandoms like Star Wars, Narnia, How to Train your Dragon, DC, Star Trek, etc. would definitely make me want to go.

    Which Doctor did you dress up as? I’ve wanted to start watching Doctor Who … All of my Whovian friends say to start with Christopher E’s Doctor though, even though I kind of want to start with Matt Smith (or David Tennant). What do you suggest? Are there a lot of spoilers if I don’t start at the 10th Doctor? 🙂

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    • I did love the costumes!

      I didn’t actually dress in cosplay this time, it was just some exaggerated storytelling in the rundown. But I do plan to dress up with my family for Halloween as The Doctor (Matt Smith version), with my wife as Amy Pond, my son as a Cyberman and my daughter as a weeping angel! Next time I go to a con, I’m definitely doing some cosplay!

      As to my Doctor watching… I started at Eccelston. I would recommend it. He’s not my favorite Doctor by any means, but it does get the show going and helps establish Rose’s character. The seasons are fairly short, so Eccelston doesn’t last too long. Then you get into David Tennant (my favorite!) and he rolls right into Matt Smith (My second favorite, almost tied for first!).


      • Aha, gotcha. That is an awesome family costume theme! I love what I’ve seen of Amy Pond. I’ve watch a couple of Doctor Who episodes (one with the 11th and one with the 12th) thanks to free iTunes episodes …

        Thanks for the suggestion! That seems to be the prevailing answer I get from fans. 🙂 I guess it would give me something to look forward too as well. My brother’s also planning to watch it in that order, so I might just watch with him. 🙂

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        • Yes! Who is a lot more fun if you’re watching with someone else. That’s really what makes all of these nerdly things so great! Talking with others about it and getting each other excited about what’s coming next.

          We watched all of our episodes through Netflix. So, now we have to impatiently wait until the new episodes are available. 😦


    • I really did go to the Haunted Mansion seminar. I thought I knew everything there was to know about it already, but he actually had some pictures that I had never seen before.

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    • I was very surprised at just how very much there was! As I got looking around, it was, “I love that movie! I love that show! I love Batman! I love, I love, I love!!!” It was awesome!


  2. Ohhh! So jealous you got to go to comic con. I live in Lethbridge Alberta and we had a local comic con and my handmade cosplay of a weeping angel (whovian right here XD *points to self* ) won first place and best over all. That made me happy so yeah….I would totally go for the costumes/cosplay and of course anything to do with superheroes and books. (Or things like panels for book being turned to movies and what not) One of these dasy I will get to Comic Con…one day


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