Remakes and You: A Public Service Announcement


I’m typically a purist. I want the original and nothing else will do. Every once in a while a movie remake comes out that surpasses the original, but it is extremely rare! I’m not talking about a relaunch of a series, those are a problem for a completely different post. I mean the movies that were so popular that some thought they should be made again. Kind of ironic really. If they’re that good, then enjoy them! Don’t try to change them!

Anywho, let’s take a look at a few then hear about your favorites and least favorites…

Footloose (Original 1984, Remake 2011)
This Kevin Bacon classic had people dancing through warehouses all across America. This is one of those films that had such great music played so frequently throughout that sometimes people lump it in with musicals… but it’s not! The remake tried to relive the glory of its predecessor, but fell a bit short. For better or worse, the dancing was brought up to modern standards. But so was the music. You’ll find more rap and hip hop than was present in the 80s. When they want to include a song from the original, they have it playing on the radio.

Friday the 13th (Original 1980, Remake 2009), A Nightmare on Elm Street (Original 1984, Remake 2010)
I put these two together to represent horror remakes because they’re typically lumped together anyway. They’re talked about together so often, it inspired a crossover movie in 2003. So when Jason was remade in 2009, it was not surprising to see Freddy’s remake the following year. Movie remakes tend to make a few changes to claim it as their own. Friday the 13th made Jason the psychotic killer as he was for most of the series, though in the original movie he was not. Nightmare had Jackie Earle Haley playing Freddy and that was not easy to accept after seeing Robert Englund own the role for so many years. Don’t even get me started on the shot-for-shot Psycho remake! Why bother!?

The Parent Trap (Original 1961, Remake 1998), Freaky Friday (Original 1976, Remake 2003)
These two Lindsey Lohan remakes didn’t have a chance to outshine the originals for me. I grew up watching the Disney Channel when they actually showed their classic movies. These two were among my favorites. I don’t really have any problems with their remakes other than nostalgia. I appreciate that Parent Trap used the same actress for both twins as they did with Haley Mills originally. And I understand that in Freaky Friday, the mother/daughter relationship of Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster in the 70s is very different than a similar relationship 27 years later, making it difficult for the younger audiences to connect.

These are just a few of the many many many remakes out there. Now it’s your turn…

What remakes do YOU hate? What remakes do YOU love?


5 thoughts on “Remakes and You: A Public Service Announcement

  1. Annie! The original is so amazing. Then the remade it with Kathy Bates, who, awesome as she is, could not compare to Carol Burnett. And now Will Smith thinks he needs to make a hip-hop Annie. *sigh*

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    • Carol Burnett was absolute genius! At least the Kathy Bates version was made for TV. Those are never as good as a theatrical release, so they have that excuse to fall back on. Will Smith though….


  2. Broadway remakes are generally as good or better than movie remakes. Spamalot was a hilarious Holy Grail adaptation, and Lion King was way better than the movie. But I agree, second version movies don’t cut it. Although I did like the Dark Night version of Batman better than the Michael Keaton ones.

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    • I love Broadway versions of things! I wish I could afford to go to more of them. It takes a different kind of talent to pull of a play well. I have never seen Spamalot, but it sounds like a lot of fun!
      I can’t let go of the first Keaton Batman, that was THE movie that got me into super heroes. I was its target audience being a jr. high boy at the time. But other than that, the Dark Knight trilogy is much better made. But that’s a relaunch, it’s a bit different! 🙂


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