Film Food: Fish Fingers and Custard from Doctor Who

fish custard

This is not a normal combination of food. But if it was, what would be the fun of trying it? Little did those fish know when they were swimming around all happy and content that they would be a Doctor Who punchline!

Fish fingers and custard is a food found in the first Doctor Who episode from season 5 (British: series 5) in the current run of the show, The Eleventh Hour. In Matt Smith’s first full episode as the Doctor, he is going through the adjustment period that happens after regeneration. After trying an apple, in a nod to the David Tennant regeneration, he spits it out, saying “Apple’s rubbish, I hate apples… I love yogurt. Yogurt’s my favorite, give me yogurt,” which he also spits across the kitchen. He convinces Amelia Pond to make him some bacon by telling her, “You’re Scottish, fry something.” The bacon goes into his mouth and come right back out.  She tries to cook him baked beans, which he promptly spits in the sink, proclaiming, “Beans are evil! Bad, bad beans!” That’s followed by bread butter which he Frisbees out the door and yells, “And stay out!” After  the young Amelia offers him carrots, he asks if she’s insane and finds his own food in the refrigerator, fish fingers and custard!

To be fair, I live in America, so my ingredients are skewed from what the 11th Doctor was eating. Instead of fish fingers and custard, my Americanized version was fish sticks and pudding. To be even fairer, Matt Smith wasn’t actually eating fish, but rather small cakes baked to resemble fish. He actually had what would be a very tasty dessert! Blogs from Geekdom doesn’t take those kind of shortcuts! Now, here’s my trial…

Cooked fish sticks
Prepared vanilla pudding

Ok, so it’s a pretty simple recipe really. The real skill comes in having the courage to eat it!

…Which I have!

Verdict: I didn’t mind it at all. It’s not a normal combination, but it’s certainly not disgusting. Maybe custard has a more vile flavor than pudding, but I think they’re pretty similar! I think I still prefer Amelia’s treat though, using the scoop to eat ice cream right out of the carton!

Okay, Doctor Who fans, what did YOU think of Matt Smith and Amy Pond’s first meeting?
Would YOU have the courage to try fish fingers and custard?


3 thoughts on “Film Food: Fish Fingers and Custard from Doctor Who

    • Well now I’m jealous! lol I think as foods that are supposed to sound gross go, fish fingers and custard is not that bad! I’m glad yours was yummy!


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