Emma Watson: A Magical Gift for Public Speaking

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Yesterday I watched an online video of Emma Watson delivering an address to the United Nations. I was floored at how well she did…

This is not a blogging about her topic of equality for women. There’s other blogs for that. Blogs From Geekdom is more interested in discussing an adorable young actress who has refused to fall into the trap of being just another celebrity youth gone wrong.

When you think of the young men and women coming out of Hollywood today, most of the time your thoughts go to Miley Cyrus or perhaps Zac Effron. When you see their face pop up on the news, how often is the thought, “I bet they have done something very impressive!”? Probably not too often. Typically it’s more like, “What stupid thing have they done now?” More often than not, young celebrities make the news for their mistakes rather than their triumphs.

When Emma Watson appeared before the UN, it was not an embarrassment in any way. In fact she was so poised and professional, you would have thought she’d been speaking for years! Her speech was eloquent and persuasive. She completely owned the room as she delivered her words, complete with her natural British accent. And when she had completed her speech, she received a standing ovation from a room full of ambassadors and dignitaries. Pretty impressive for a 24 year old Hogwarts graduate!

As someone that works with teenagers on a daily basis, I know the potential young people have inside of them. Regardless of how you feel about her platform of women’s equality, Watson is a shining example what today’s young stars CAN be. Mature and passionate. Respectful and polite. Way to go Hermione!

If you’d like to see her speech and judge for yourself, it can be found through the following link:
Emma’s UN Speech

What do YOU think of Emma Watson?

Leave a reply or watch Indiana Jones 4, your choice.

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