Geek Spawn: Bricky Mouse


My son is crazy-creative when it comes to Lego creations…

Whenever he gets a new Lego set, and he has a LOT of them, he puts it together, then takes it apart and puts it together again. He is always analyzing how they designed certain elements. When he sees Lego sets at the store that he likes, he comes home and creates his own version out of the pieces he already has. He has a thorough knowledge of what pieces to use to create literally whatever he wants.

He has designed scenes from his favorite movies, a TARDIS from Doctor Who, loads of Minecraft sets and his own complete version of Hogwarts castle. All of them come out of his own imagination and his drawers of Lego building bricks.
Knowing my love of all things Disney, he was totally excited to show me his Mickey Mouse! He’s not just a Mickey Mouse. He’s a ROBOT Mickey Mouse!

Right now, he is almost 13, so his future plans revolve around creating new Lego sets as a career. He’d probably be really good at it! But, as he grows, I’m sure his genius for building and knack for seeing how things fit together can be applied to almost any field. He definitely has a creative talent as you see with today’s Lego creation.


Bricky Mouse has a couple design flaws. His head is too big for his body, so he is top heavy and likes to fall over. Then, of course, he breaks and has to be rebuilt. Also the hatch to access the inner workings of his Pacific Rim-style control center is not held on very tight, so his head tends to crumble if your not extremely gentle opening the door. Then, of course, he breaks and has to be rebuilt again!

My son will work out the glitches soon or get distracted and start on something new. Either way, his Lego talent will be put to good use. He also helped me with a quiz over his newest obsession: The Lego Movie. Look for it on Saturday’s post.

Everybody loves Legos. The sets have become way cooler in recent years.
What are some of YOUR favorite Lego sets? Let me know in the comments!


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