Woot! National Comic Book Day!


Today is the day! The day that thin pages full of colorful pictures of super heroes, talking mice, and outer space adventures get honored!

I have never been an intense collector of comics. Now I live in a really small town where comics are not readily available, so it’s even hard now for me to be a part-time collector. With so many options available, I wouldn’t be able to pick just one to subscribe to. I tend to save my comic book purchases for when I happen to stumble upon a shop during a vacation… or when I’m at Comic Con!

At the Con I attended in Salt Lake City, I new I couldn’t leave there without¬†actual comics. Not wanting to be left in the middle of a story, I tend to stick with graphic novel compilations. The book of choice that week? Superman Vs. Shazam!

Many people look to Frank Miller for their favorite comic book stories. So, being a Batman fan, I once purchased The Dark Knight Returns. I know I’m in the minority here, but I didn’t really like it. It was just too wordy and complicated! For me, I still enjoy Batman: A Death in the Family. The four-part story of the death of Batman’s sidekick, Robin. I enjoyed the epic Death and Return of Superman too!

Obviously I’m more of a DC fan than a fan of Marvel. I don’t have anything against them, they just don’t appeal to me in the same way. Too many real-world problems in the lives of Marvel characters.

We tend to think of comics primarily for the birth of superheroes, but there is nothing particularly comical about those comics! Several humorous comics are still being published, such as Archie Comics or Disney comics.

Apart from providing us with great Halloween costumes, comics provide young boys and girls (and some of us older boys too) with great escapism. We tend to see ourselves in the hero roles. Jerry Seinfeld said during one of his comedy shows, “When men are growing up and reading about Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman, these are not fantasies. These are options!”

Another important gift the comics have given us is the super hero movie. Recently, Marvel has taken their characters worlds and blown them up into the mega-sized Avengers franchise. More than just a way for Stan Lee to get acting gigs, these movies are well-made blockbusters that open up the Marvel universe with each new installment! DC is now trying the same thing with their plans for a Justice League franchise. How many decades do we have to wait for a crossover? If you’re a fan of the movies too, come back tomorrow when I reveal my¬†top ten comic book movies!

What about YOU? Who are YOUR favorite comic book characters?


5 thoughts on “Woot! National Comic Book Day!

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  2. Yeah, DC fans unite! I actually like both … technically, watching the first Iron Man movie got me into superheroes, but it was the animated Young Justice tv show that I borrowed from the library on a whim that really made me a fan of superheroes (and DC). I haven’t gotten to the animated Justice League, 1990s Batman, or Teen Titans yet, but even fans of those shows say that YJ is just as good or better than them. I’m still hurt that Cartoon Network cancelled it. Best two seasons of a superhero animated show I’ve ever seen and I highly recommend them. Anyways, all that to say that while I haven’t delved too much into the actual comics material, I like Captain Marvel: Billy Batson, Artemis: Artemis Crock, Miss Martian: M’gann M’orzz, the “Flash Family” (Barry, Wally, Iris, Jay, Bart/Impulse etc.), the kids of the “Bat Family” (Robin/Nightwing: Dick Grayson, Batgirl: Barabara Gordon, Robin: Tim Drake), also Beast Boy: Gar Logan was adorable in YJ. I like the young teen superheroes I guess. =) But I’m also super excited to watch The Flash live action tv show.

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    • Wow! You sure do like your heroes young! lol I haven’t tried Young Justice yet. My son has been watching Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and he’s loving it. Maybe I’ll talk him into YJ when he finishes. I see it’s on Netflix. I was a huge fan of the original Justice League cartoons in the 80s. I still watch them on DVD!


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