“Halloween Planning Committee” Skit

Individually wrapped M&Ms!

Individually wrapped M&Ms!

This is a skit I wrote for our high school drama club. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Halloween Planning Committee
by Brad Williamson

(2 actors. M or F)
Worker 1: In charge of planning new traditions for Halloween.
Worker 2: Joining with worker 1 to make plans.

WORKER 1 enters and finds WORKER 2.

Worker 1:        There you are! You ready to get started?

Worker 2:        Sure thing. Totally ready! Let’s do this! Just one thing…

Worker 1:        Yes?

Worker 2:        What are we doing again?

Worker 1:        You’ve been put on the Halloween Committee. We’re in charge of coming up with the next big thing for next Halloween!

Worker 2:        Finally! I’ve been hanging around this Holiday Planning Office for centuries hoping to get one of the big holidays like Halloween! I’ve been stuck down in Groundhog’s Day since 1886!

Worker 1:        Eww!

Worker 2:        I thought I might get out when I got that movie made…

Worker 1:        Well, you made it now. The Big Show!

Worker 2:        Great! Well, where’s everyone else?

Worker 1:        Well… last time we met, they didn’t like the ideas I got passed, so… they all dropped out this year.

Worker 2:        All of them!?

Worker 1:        Yeah… But that’s okay, because I’ve got you now!

Worker 2:        Well, what were the ideas that you got passed last time?

Worker 1:        Okay. Well, I’m the one that got the candy companies to make the candy smaller. That way kids weren’t eating as much junk food.

Worker 2:        (upset) That was you!?

Worker 1:        Yeah! You’re welcome! Well I was thinking this year we could build on that idea.

Worker 2:        What do you mean?

Worker 1:        Picture this… Individually wrapped M&Ms!

Worker 2:        You’re kidding.

Worker 1:        I know. Great idea, right?

Worker 2:        Well. Not really…

Worker 1:        This is going to be a great Halloween! Like the year I got people handing out toothbrushes instead of candy!

Worker 2:        (upset again) That was you too!?

Worker 1:        I’m loaded with good ideas!

Worker 2:        Well, they’re some sort of ideas anyway.

Worker 1:        I was also thinking that we should give some classic Halloween characters a makeover so they’re not so scary for kids.

Worker 2:        A makeover?

Worker 1:        Ok, go with me here. Frankenstein’s monster. But instead of bolts in his neck, we use… duct tape!

Worker 2:        Duct tape!?

Worker 1:        I know! Genius! Duct tape is friendly and safe. And SO in right now!

Worker 2:        I’m not sure that really…

Worker 1:        Or we take Dracula, but instead of biting people’s necks… he gives them juice boxes!

Worker 2:        Juice boxes don’t really replace blood.

Worker 1:        We’ll make ‘em fruit punch.

Worker 2:        That still doesn’t…

Worker 1:        Now the Wolfman is way too scary! So, instead of changing into a wolf, he’s going to change into… wait for it… a kitten!

Worker 2:        A kitten!?

Worker 1:        Yes! And the Invisible Man is too creepy.

Worker 2:        Creepy?

Worker 1:        Good. You agree! I mean the Invisible Man could be standing here with us right now! (shudders) Ugh. It creeps me out! So we’re gonna give him some clothes. And he won’t be see-through. From now on he’s going to be the Visible Man.

Worker 2:        Isn’t that really just the Man?

Worker 1:        Exactly. Way less frightening! We should do something similar with skeletons.

Worker 2:        You mean, give them skin?

Worker 1:        Now you’re thinking! Have you heard of Count Chocula cereal?

Worker 2:        Yes! Was that your idea?

Worker 1:        No, that was Bob Johnson. He got promoted to Christmas planning for that one!

Worker 2:        So you want to redesign Count Chocula too?

Worker 1:        No! That’s ridiculous. I was thinking we need new, heathier cereals. Made with tasty vegetables.

Worker 2:        Like?

Worker 1:        How about Norman Beets? With delicious beet flavored flakes! Or the Cabbage from the Black Lagoon! Or Dr. Onion and Mr. Chives. Tasty whole grain cereal, with just a hint of real onion!

Worker 2:        I think I’m gonna be sick…

Worker 1:        Don’t worry. You’ll come with some good ideas too.

Worker 2:        Actually, you know what. I’ve got a great idea for a new Groundhog Day movie. Groundhog Day 2: Punxsutawney Phil’s Revenge. I think I’m going back to that committee! See ya!

WORKER 2 exits.

Worker 1:        Okay, well I’ll be sure to tell the boss that some of these ideas are yours!

Worker 2:        (offstage) No, that’s okay!

Worker 1:        (to self) Well, that was weird. I hadn’t even got to my Halloween caroling idea yet. Hmm. (singing) We wish you a Happy Halloween, we wish you a happy Halloween, we wish you a happy Halloween and a… Merry… All Saint’s Day? Meh. I’ll work on it.

WORKER 1 exits, still singing.

The end.

Feel free to use any of my scripts. But please give me credit for writing them if you’re printing a program.


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