The Nerdling: Something on TV



My daughter, The Nerdling, can be just as creative as her brother. On those occasions where we feel she’s watched too much TV, we tell her to “go find something to do…”

The last time she went on a mission to find something to do other than watch TV, she grabbed a book of craft projects and found one on… building a TV! The book, “The Do-It-Yourself Project Book” by Anna Burgess, is a collection of craft ideas for kids.

Obviously, there are no cathode rays or LCD screens for this project. Instead there is a cardboard box, a couple of dowels and a long sheet of taped-together pieces of paper. At first, she couldn’t find dowels, so she connected some drinking straws together. It worked for a little while, but ultimately proved too flimsy.


On the paper, she drew a series of scenes in sequence. So, not only did The Nerdling design the TV set, she was also in charge of programming. What would a 10-year-old girl want to watch? The Magic Cat, of course! Her story is about an unpopular magician-cat that is booed by the audience after doing a bad trick.


After the crowd throws tomatoes at the cat, one audience member sneaks behind him a makes him “disappear” by opening a trap door. As she rolls the dowels, the scenes scroll by like a player piano roll.


With kids, you never know what to expect. Sometimes it’s potty humor, sometimes it makes no sense whatsoever and usually it’s just a copy of the last thing they watched. When my son, The Geek Spawn, was younger a lot of his “creativity” used to revolve around something that happened to Mario in his video game world. I guess you could call it fan fiction!

I was very impressed with The Nerdling’s creation. Not only that she made the whole thing herself, but that she made up an original story, complete with a punch line! Watch out TV World! The Nerdling will be coming soon!

What shows would YOU want to watch on Nerdlingvision?


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