Merryweather’s Unused Gift


What was her gift going to be? Just as she is about to bestow a gift upon the sleeping baby Aurora, Merryweather is interrupted by Maleficent. She then changes her gift to counteract the curse Maleficent has used. So what else does the princess need?…

In case it’s been a while since you’ve seen Sleeping Beauty, let me recap what happens. Baby Aurora is born and the entire kingdom is excited, singing “Hail to the princess Aurora.” Within minutes of her birth, she is promised to be the wife of Prince Phillip, a boy about 10 years old. He looks at his bride-to-be, still in her diapers, and sneers. Betrothing your baby to a 10-year-old is a messed up topic for another blog.

A moment later, the three fairies enter the chamber: Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. They let the king and queen know they can each grant Aurora a single gift, “no more, no less.” So apparently, they HAVE to give her a gift! No less than one!

Flora, the red fairy, steps up and bestows on Aurora the gift of beauty. A useful gift, to be sure. Of course, it’s entirely possible she would be beautiful anyway! But, nevertheless, the mysterious choir of 50s singers breaks out in song:

One gift, beauty rare
Gold of sunshine in her hair
Lips that shame the red, red rose
She’ll walk with springtime wherever she goes

Fauna, the green fairy, now has her turn to bestow a gift. This is a great moment for something practical. Something like the gift of… song!? So, she might be as dumb as a pile of hay, but at least she’ll be able to sing! Once again, out of nowhere, the disembodied 50s choir begins to serenade the beautiful singer:

One gift, the gift of song
Melody her whole life long
The nightingale’s her troubadour
Bringing his sweet serenade to her door

Merryweather, the blue fairy, gets her chance to give a gift. She approaches the crib of the newborn betrothed singing beauty and says, “My gift shall be…” But before she can finish her thought, Maleficent appears in the room. Insulted, offended and just plain mean, Maleficent also gives Aurora a “gift.” The gift of dying before her 16th birthday. It’s hard to know if this gift would really happen since there is no choir chanting about it, but we assume that because her magic is more powerful, she doesn’t need the backup singers.

After Maleficent leaves, Merryweather steps up and does her heroic best to weaken the awful gift. She arranges it so that Aurora will not die, but instead fall asleep until she is awaked by true love’s kiss. We know this will work because the 50s choir is back. Apparently, they’re running out of lyrics because all they tell us is:

True love conquers all

The fairies come up with a plan to remove Aurora from her parents and the rest of society, so her parents don’t get to have any contact with her for 16 years anyway. It also raises the odds that even if she does fall asleep, she won’t have a true love to wake her.

So, the question is… What was that third gift going to be? Something practical?

  • Wisdom?
  • Intelligence?
  • Kindness?
  • Gentleness?
  • Grace?
  • Patience?
  • Humility?
  • Integrity?
  • Honesty?

Something a little less practical?

  • Sewing?
  • Cooking?
  • Cleanliness?
  • Accessorizing?

There are so many different gifts she could have given!

If you had the power, what gift would YOU give the newborn baby princess? Make your suggestions in the comments!


15 thoughts on “Merryweather’s Unused Gift

  1. It was medieval times. The fairies had given her beauty, song, so the last gift would probably have been something like patience or gentleness or obedience.

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  3. Really, what i see that merryweather did. Was give her the gift of happiness… by bringing her and her true love together by the waking of true loves kiss. N that very well could have been the gift she would have given had maleficent not came… no one will ever have a real answer to this question. The writers… are the only ones that could answer it. And they very well could not even have an answer… because it was never planned for her to bestow a specific gift before maleficent came because maleficent could have already been planned to come in n disrupt things. No one really knows but them… n god for bid we ever get a real answer from someone who would actually know the answer. Lol.

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