Cities Under Fire: A Great Band You’re Not Listening To

Cities Under Fire in concert

Cities Under Fire in concert

They’re Canadian, but don’t hold that against them! These guys know how to rock!

As younger men, most of these young men toured around performing a much different style of music with their family band, Canada’s Double Portion. Now, three brothers along with their songwriter brother-in-law travel North America performing as Cities Under Fire. With gigs at a variety of venues, they have been able to share their music with a vast array of audiences.

When they came through our small town this year, they did not disappoint. Their music brought many people from around town to investigate who this “Cities Under Fire” group was. Everyone in the crowd, young and old, was jumping and rocking to the music.

It was great to see so many varied ages enjoying some loud rock music together. With no offensive lyrics to be found in any of their songs, Cities Under Fire is a band that the whole family can enjoy!

I had the privilege of hosting them while they were in town. They were polite, humble and a lot of fun to talk with. There were no trashed bedrooms when they left my house, just a few dirty dishes from the biscuits and gravy we shared together. It was great hearing about their tour and relaxing with the band. They even invited some of the kids from my youth group to have dinner with them before their show.

Their faith-based lyrics and rock driven music can be found on two separate albums. Their first CD, Lukewarm Love came out in 2010. It was apparent from these early efforts that these boys had some real talent.

Their second release, Bright Lights, dropped in 2012.  At the time of this blog post, it’s still climbing the charts for music by Christian artists. They have already won several awards for their music and keep getting better every time I see them. As they continue to develop their skills and keep writing great music, we can expect even more from them in the future!

They live in Saskatchewan, so most of their touring tends to be through Canada, but they do make it into the US for tours as well. If you have the opportunity to see them live, make sure you take advantage! You will not be disappointed!

To tide you over, here’s a music video of their song, Stay.

Have you had the chance to listen to Cities Under Fire? What did you think?


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