Film Food: Butterbeer from Harry Potter (Recipe 2)

The last time I attempted to make butterbeer, it was a lot of work. This time I tried a much easier recipe and had a much better result…

Of the vast number of butterbeer recipes available online, two caught my eye. The first one (you can see how that turned out here) took a really long time, involved ingredients that are uncommon and expensive, and had to be cooked in a very specific way. However, it’s the one that most sites claim is closest to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park.

This second try was so much easier! Only three ingredients bring this drink to life! Due to the simple nature of this recipe, I’m not going to include specific amounts. It can be easily adapted to accommodate the number of people drinking it and the amount of flavor desired. I took a few liberties with the portions since I was making it for a bunch of kids in my youth group. I also had one of them helping me…

Vanilla ice cream
Butterscotch topping
Cream soda

Here you see Brooke putting in the ice cream. We just filled our entire mixer up to the top with all the ice cream we had.

Next we put in butterscotch topping. Even after I said “when,” Brooke kept squirting it in. We probably ended up with about a cup!

Finally we put in the cream soda. We just added it until it reached the rim of the mixer. It was largely foam, so we added more while it was mixing too, ending up with close to 1 liter in the mix.

We topped ours with a dollop of Cool Whip, then drank up!

The verdict: I liked this recipe a little bit. It is not something I would make again and again, but it was very tasty. Each of the youth group kids that tried it really enjoyed it too! The only one that didn’t was my wife. She said it was too sweet. The consistency was a lot runnier than I expected. It seems like more ice cream might help it, but then its almost a butterbeer milkshake… (YUM!). Even though it’s not very Potterish, due to the ease of the recipe, I am more likely to make this one again than its much more difficult cousin. It was simple, sweet and quite tasty.

Does a butterbeer milkshake sound good to anyone else?


6 thoughts on “Film Food: Butterbeer from Harry Potter (Recipe 2)

    • No, I haven’t. I only heard about that while I was researching my recipe… and we live in a town with *gasp* NO STARBUCKS! It’s rough! haha


      • Ahh. Well its good! It is definitely worth trying. and Yeah. Our little town (more like a village) doesn’t have one either so whenever I go into town where there is a starbucks I always get one haha..but I mean not having a starbucks nearby is probably a good thing for me….

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