Geek Spawn at 13


After 13 years living in a family of nerds, it’s no surprise that my son, The Geek Spawn, has turned out the way he has…

As a guy that works with teenagers on a daily basis, it’s weird to realize that I have one now! My own offspring is officially a teenager today! So. Weird…

What does a 13-year-old geek ask for on his birthday in 2014?

  • Minecraft stuff: Those ridiculous 8-bit Styrofoam axes, cardboard Steve? heads, etc.
  • Doctor Who stuff: Sonic screwdrivers, TARDIS towels, Dalek action figures, etc.
  • Lego sets: Star Wars Legos, The Lego Movie Legos, Lord of the Rings Legos, etc.
  • 3DS games: Especially Mario games. Just try to pry that thing out of his hands!
  • Xbox games: We only let him play video games a couple hours a week, but he takes full advantage!
  • Adobe Photoshop: Yep, when the Free Photoshop Store opens up, we’ll run right out and get that for him.
  • A real R2-D2: Really! He wants to figure out how to build one.

What else is exciting about turning 13 in 2014? For my son, one word: Facebook. We have been strict about not letting him get a account until he was the appropriate age allowed by Facebook. He also has not had an email address. But now he’s all growdsd up! He’s in jr. high! He’s in my youth group! Aye carumba!

He’s also an avid reader (and contributor) of Blogs From Geekdom!

So happy birthday, Boy!


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