Film Food: The TARDIS (as a cake) from Doctor Who

To celebrate the Geek Spawn’s birthday, he said he wanted a cake. A very special cake. A TARDIS cake! It came out pretty good, as you’ll see in this blog!

It’s no surprise that a Doctor Who fan like the Geek Spawn wanted a TARDIS cake. My wife prides herself on creating a cake to fit whatever our children’s interest is at their birthday. This year she came up with a clever, cakey version of the Doctor’s time machine.

1 box cake mix (prepared as instructed on the box)
A large tub of blue frosting
More frosting
1 marshmallow

Before cooking the prepared cake mix, she separated it into two bread loaf pans and then put them in the oven, creating two squatty loafs of cake. We chose to use spice cake, but any flavor would work. After it cooled, we covered it and put it in the freezer over night to harden it and make it cutable.

The following morning, my wife cut each loaf in half, then trimmed off the bumps and slants to make them squared. She stacked the four squares up and added a layer of frosting between them to help hold them together. She used some of the leftover cake scraps to create the TARDIS roof features, while I snacked on the other pieces!

She then covered the whole thing in blue frosting. Our frosting was a little lighter than we wanted, more of a Smurf blue. We purchased it pre-made but you could make your own a darker shade. Before adding details, she smoothed out the frosting surfaces and returned it to the freezer for an hour.

When it was ready, she used a darker blue frosting to draw on details such as doors and lettering. Black frosting doesn’t taste very good, so we used chocolate for black. Then vanilla frosting for the windows and lettering. The light on top is a marshmallow topped in blue frosting. We also thought it would be fun to throw “Bad Wolf” on the side. It looked a little cartoony, like a cake from The Yellow Submarine, but it was a perfect birthday cake!

Luke cake
After putting on 13 candles and singing “Happy Birthday,” we enjoyed the cake!

The verdict: It was as delicious as a cake always is! It was also a really fun way to celebrate my son’s birthday.

What are some creative cakes YOU have made?


14 thoughts on “Film Food: The TARDIS (as a cake) from Doctor Who

  1. That is so cool! I always love seeing how everyone approached making a TARDIS cake. (Everyone seems to do it a tiny bit differently but its always so cool!

    My grandma made me a cake two years ago of the TARDIS it was great and then this year she made me a book cake with my top 4 favourite books! It was great! I

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