Top Movie Series to Watch on Halloween Week

Grab your flashlight, check the battery on your cell phone and don’t read this blog alone!

We realize that you have a choice when choosing a scary movie to watch at Halloween and would like to thank you for using our blog to help you make your decision. If at any time you are dissatisfied with an option provided, simply leave us a comment in the section titled “Comments.” We will likely do nothing about it, but will have an enjoyable conversation on the merits of one Halloween movie versus another.

Please realize that in most movie series, the original picture is usually the best of the lot and take that into consideration when making your selection.

It does happen, on rare occasion, that a movie series will change from horror to comedy as it progresses. This is the case with Evil Dead and Chucky as well. Do remember that some horror elements are still maintained.

Thank you for flying Blogs From Geekdom. Oh! And be sure to bring your death certificate…

  • Children of the Corn (8 movies since 1984) – Creepy kids killing in the corn field.
  • Child’s Play (6 movies since 1988) – The adorable possessed doll just wants to play… with your life.
  • Evil Dead (3 movies [+1 remake] since 1981) – A bunch of teens alone in the woods. What could go wrong?
  • Final Destination (5 movies since 2000) – Death is coming to get you. Be ready!
  • Friday the 13th (11 movies [+1 remake] since 1980) – Maybe they should stop going to Camp Crystal Lake.
  • Halloween (8 movies [+2 remakes] since 1978) – A man in a creepy mask terrorizes Jamie Lee Curtis and many others.
  • Hellraiser (9 movies since 1987) – The master of facial acupuncture.
  • Night of the Living Dead (7 movies [+5 remakes] since 1968) – One word: Zombies.
  • Nightmare on Elm Street (8 movies [+1 remake] since 1984) – He’ll use his glove to kill you in your dreams!
  • Paranormal Activity (5 movies [+1 Japanese remake] since 2007) – Ghosts in the house? Get the video camera!
  • Poltergeist (3 movies since 1982) – “Carol Anne, stay away from the light!”
  • Psycho (4 movies [+1 remake] since 1960) – Best to just never shower again.
  • Saw (8 movies since 2004) – Whodunit? Whytheydunit? Very puzzling… and gruesome.
  • Scream (4 movies since 1996) – Is it a horror movie or a spoof movie? Why can’t it be both?
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre (4 movies since [+3 remakes] since 1974)- Just a happy Texas family.
  • Tremors (4 movies since 1990) – Even daylight in the desert can be scary.

If none of those are your speed, there’s always the classic Universal series options. These characters appeared in each others films more than the Avengers, and they have ALL had numerous remakes!

  • Dracula (4 movies since 1931)
  • Frankenstein (8 movies since 1931)
  • The Invisible Man (6 movies since 1933)
  • The Mummy (6 movies since 1932)
  • The Wolf Man (5 movies since 1947)

Not in the mood for big scares? Check out some kid-friendly options!

Do you have favorites that are not on this list? What are they? Tell me! Tell me!

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