Halloween III… A Live Report


Bringing you all the news that’s fit to print, Blogs From Geekdom is live in Santa Mira, California, October 29th, 1982…

I know what all you 80s kids are thinking… “What the heck is a blog??” But let’s move past that…

This town seems to be ripe with supernatural activity. In the 50s, the Invasion of the Body Snatchers took place here. And now there is something equally suspicious. The Silver Shamrock company has been promoting a new line of Halloween masks, available as a witch, a skull, or a pumpkin. Personally I think the witch will be the most popular as it feels like the season of the witch around Santa Mira.

Every commercial break on all three network stations has an advertisement for one of these popular masks. Even as I write this article, I hear the jingle on my TV (set to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down):

2 more days till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween
2 more days till Halloween, Silver Shamrock!

Something suspicious is going on around town though. There have been many deaths around the Silver Shamrock company. Almost as many as last Halloween when another masked figure, Michael Myers, was terrorizing his victims. There’s no sign of Meyers here though. Maybe he went on vacation? Maybe he went to that place that all slasher villains go to between deaths. You know, the way that a villain can be transformed and killed by toxic waste, yet return as though nothing happened… *cough* Jason *cough cough*

No matter what, while Michael Myers is relaxing on a beach somewhere, strange things are afoot in Santa Mira on Halloween. I tried to get an interview with Conal Cochran, owner of Silver Shamrock, but I was not near a phone when he tried to call back. It’s too bad we don’t have portable phones! I guess we’ll have to wait until Halloween to find out what Silver Shamrock is up to.



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