Who’s Who for Halloween

Who Halloween 2014
Doctor Who for Halloween 2014… What better costumes for a family from Geekdom?

Geek Spawn went as a Cyberman. He had worn this same costume at the Tree City Comic Con. It’s pretty basic. Just a set of sweats and a Cyberman mask bought on-line. We intended to draw Cyberman markings on the sweatshirt, but never got around to it.

The Nerdling went as a Weeping Angel. She also wore her costume at Tree City Comic Con. Hers is made from a dress purchased at a thrift store, a set of raggedy wings bought new and a Weeping Angel mask from the interweb.

My wife went as Amy Pond. We spent a lot of time compiling bits and pieces to make a simple Amy Pond look. She has a variety of different looks on Doctor Who, so I picked one that I thought was really cute for my wife! 😉

I went as the 11th Doctor. I know, a bow tie and a fez is pretty simple. I had to bobby-pin the fez to my head though! I also picked up the tweed jacket from a thrift store. The sonic screwdriver was purchased at Salt Lake Comic Con.

What do you think?


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