Film Food: Wicked Witch Hats (as a cookie) from The Wizard of Oz

Hat cookies 1
Totally simple! These witch hats were a popular item at the Nerdling’s classroom Halloween party!

Okay, to say that these are from The Wizard of Oz is sort of misleading! They are a fun treat for any witch-themed movie night, including Oz! They’d also be a great treat to have while watching Hocus Pocus or Harry Potter!

I’d love to say that I cam up with this simple clever idea on my own. But no, this one came from Pinterest. The morning of the Halloween party I was invited to bring in some treats. So, I hit Pinterest and found several that I could do easily and affordably. The witch hats were at the top of the list due to their simplicity and tastiness.

Fudge Stripe cookies (or Dollar Store knock-off!)
Hershey’s Kisses

Hat cookies 2
Flip the cookie upside-down to make the brim of the hat. Put a bit of the frosting on the bottom of the unwrapped Kiss. Stick ’em together! That’s it! The Pintrest page used orange colored frosting to give a bit of a stripe around the hat. But I had chocolate, so chocolate is what I used! (I also used caramel filled Kisses, because, why not?)

Hat cookies 3
A little tricky to eat, but I managed!

The verdict: Yum! Chocolaty goodness! The were a little too tasty. I might have had more than I should have. But they were, of course, delicious and fun for the kids in my daughter’s class!

I heard you had cookies?

I heard you had cookies?

What would you change for YOUR witch hats?


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