Disney Mashup: Sleeping Beauty and the Beast

Disney Crossover 1

Blogs From Geekdom ponders… what if the Beast woke up Aurora?

Can you imagine it? I don’t care if they spend an hour and a half establishing a love connection between the two, it would still be a shock to open your eyes and see that two inches from your face!

Assuming that the Beast and Aurora’s stories are mashed together through Disney magic, several thoughts come to mind on how that might work. So, I have taken the liberty to give a rough plot outline for the next hit Disney movie: Sleeping Beauty and the Beast

  • A tiny Aurora is betrothed to a prince.
  • Out of jealousy, Maleficent turns the prince into the Beast
  • Maleficent then warns that Aurora will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and go to sleep
  • The three good fairies take Aurora to a castle in the woods
  • To help with the housework, the good fairies enchant all of the furniture
  • The castle turns out to be the Beast’s home
  • Aurora and the beast dance together in a ballroom in a dream
  • An enchanted spinning wheel tries to cut in and pricks Aurora’s finger
  • Aurora falls into a deep sleep
  • The Beast learns from the good fairies that he can wake her with a kiss
  • As he rushes to her bedside, Maleficent appears as a dragon to stop him
  • He easily defeats her because, well, he’s a beast!
  • When he gets to her room, he gives her a kiss
  • She awakens to his beast-face over her dripping with dragon blood
  • When the shock wears off, she kisses him back and he turns human again
  • They get married and Belle comes to the wedding with her date, Gaston
  • Everyone lives happily ever after

I think this could work…

Do you see any flaws in my story? What would you add?


9 thoughts on “Disney Mashup: Sleeping Beauty and the Beast

  1. I have to say, that’s funny! The ONLY thing that I grew seriously alarmed over was… There is NO way my mind can fathom Belle and Gaston going to the ball together. I’m not sure that Belle and Prince Phillip would hit it off, either, but I prefer him over Gaston… And, Yes, I am ranting. 🙂

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    • Haha, someone else had suggested Belle with Phillip as well. I figured, off in the future, without the beast to fall in love with, eventually Belle would grow tired of Gaston’s constant asking her out. She would give in, either out of compassion, annoyance, or simply because she needs a date for the wedding. 😀


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