Big Hero 6… Was Okay.

The Nerdling and Geek Spawn at Big Hero 6

The Nerdling and Geek Spawn at Big Hero 6

I had a chance to see the newest film in the Disney Canon: Big Hero 6. I’m not sure you’ll like my review…

We saw it. And it wasn’t bad. Really. It was cute. And fun. And not offensive. But it wasn’t very memorable. It just wasn’t very Disney. It was more like one of the projects they picked up from other companies, like Spirited Away or The Wild.

With one exception, the characters were fun, but not distinct. The main character, Hiro, was full of bitterness and deception. Even though the other supporting characters only met him once, they are determined to be his friend, despite those character flaws. His friends are made up of a surly Japanese girl, a Jeff Spicoli-surfer dude type, a worrywart black guy, and fashionista white girl. The only distinctive character was Baymax, on oversized inflatable robot that was designed as a nurse by Hiro’s brother. His character was enjoyable to watch almost anytime he was on screen. Especially his fist bump!

For no discernable reason, Big Hero 6 takes place in “San Fransokyo.” It’s a futuristic San Francisco that is overrun by a strong Japanese influence. Why? I have no idea. Maybe America has been bought out by a large Japanese company. This is never explained.

It was a very boy-friendly movie, full of action and teenage angst. It fits well in the Disney boy-movie pile with adventure flicks like Treasure Planet and Atlantis. Parts of it were reminiscent of Iron Man, with suits of armor built for Baymax improving with each design. Other bits reminded me of Terminator 2, training a robot to be more human. Some humor was sprinkled throughout, mostly via Baymax.

While marketed as “From the makers of Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen,” it’s not much like either of them. I was so ready to see Frozen. I couldn’t wait! I put a picture of it as my Facebook banner. With Big Hero 6, I was like, “Oh, is that playing already?”

It’s not a musical. There are no catchy songs to download. The female characters will never make the Disney Princess line-up, even by accident, like Alice or Mulan… if they’re remembered at all.

The title… ugh! I had no idea what it meant until the last few minutes of the film. Maybe I’m slow or maybe it’s just bad grammar.

Okay, that’s it. I’m not going to say anything more derogatory about Big Hero 6. It’s very watchable. Kids will like it, boys more than girls. You won’t be stuck having to watch 150 covers of “Let It Go” on Facebook this year. It will be fairly popular for a while, with Beta Max, oops, I mean Baymax toys selling pretty well this Christmas.

My daughter, the Nerdling, has a more positive review:

I like it a lot. I especially like Baymax and Hiro’s friends, because they are funny. Baymax is funny because of things like his fist bump. It was sad when bad things happened to Hiro’s brother, Tadashi. 😦 I didn’t understand the title until the very end. You should  see it because it is awesome.

I should add that Baymax was a robot who spent the whole movie trying make Hiro “well” emotionally. While the movie exaggerates this for humor and story, I think we’d have a much happier world if we looked out for each other’s well being as thoroughly as Baymax. That moral is appropriate for any age viewer!

So, should you see it? Sure. Will you like it? Sure. Will you love it? Probably not.

ps. it has a Stan Lee cameo! LOL

Think I’m wrong? Let me know below! Think I’m right? Let me know below! Like bacon? Let me know below!


6 thoughts on “Big Hero 6… Was Okay.

  1. Well, I don’t know if a lot of people are aware of this, but Big Hero 6 is based on a Marvel comic book series:
    I haven’t been paying too much attention to the marketing for BH6, but I don’t remember seeing a lot of people mention that, which makes me think they haven’t been using it too much in their ads. The only reason I know about it is that the comic book series came up when I was researching/looking for Asian superheroes in western comics. =)

    This is probably terrible of me, but I didn’t mind your review … I’m holding out hope that How to Train Your Dragon 2 will get Best Animated Feature awards this year, so unless they go for more quirky or stylized films such as The Book of Life or the stop-motion The Boxtrolls, I think they have a good chance (and the film series definitely deserves it).
    I think BH6 is the best animated film Disney is putting out this year (Planes: Fire & Rescue doesn’t have the same charm or story that Cars did) … so I do want to go see it (and the Book of Life and The Boxtrolls) eventually.

    From the clips I’ve seen, Baymax looks super-endearing … makes me worry for Toothless for a moment. =) I love musicals, but actually I’d be glad if this film doesn’t have songs … I don’t think you were going this route, but animated films don’t need songs to be good and often times it can seem added in or tacked on just because the movies was aimed at kids (e.g. Rio 2 [maybe, I don’t remember much from it]).

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    • I think you have some good thoughts there. I knew BH6 was based on something. I thought it was a graphic novel. Totally not surprised it’s Marvel. Disney is kind of obsessed. I haven’t seen HTTYD2 yet, but I’d like to. I really liked the first one. I didn’t like the first Planes. It felt very forced. I like the idea of it, but it was just not right. I haven’t seen part 2.
      No, movies don’t have to have music. I just find it helps keep them movie a bit faster. I’m with you though. The music does not always help. I just watched Muppets Most Wanted. That music was pretty weak.


      • The librarian in me is hoping that people will check out the comics later … it doesn’t sound like a super popular series, but the movie would probably change that. LOL, yep … though I can’t really blame them with how much they paid for Marvel and how well Marvel’s movies are doing now. =)

        HTYD2 is out on DVD/bluRay tomorrow, so you could definitely rent (or buy) it. 😉 I think you (and your family) would like it, especially if you enjoyed the first movie. A lot of times it feels like animation is either aimed at kids (with slapstick humor and jokes) or they have more crude, “adult” humor (e.g. The Simpsons), I feel like the HTTYD series is one of those exceptions. It’s not without faults … e.g. some of the story felt rushed compared to the pacing of HTTYD –it’s a very ambitious film and an extra half hour could have helped a lot (but pretty impossible *coughexpensivecough* since it’s an animated film).

        Planes –I vaguely remember the first one, but you’re right, there was something missing. One thing with the sequel is that the fire animation is nice. I think there was a joke that Disney Animation Studios did ice animation last year with Frozen and now fire with “Planes 2.” Though I still think the HTTYD series has the best fire effects (and different fire for each type of dragon), but I’m a bit biased. =)


        • Nooooo, you don’t sound biased at all! 😉 I will check out Dragon here pretty soon. Planes felt like too much of a Cars knock off, while not having a solid enough story on its own.

          It’s still a little annoying and obvious when they keep tying everything back to Marvel. They did it with Phineas and Ferb too! Yeah, we get it… you own Marvel.


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