Geek Spawn: Who’s Who in Legos


Lego Who 1
Travelling around the universe in the TARDIL (Time And Relative Dimension In Legos)…

My son is at it again! searching through his plethora of Legos, he has managed to created a really cool Doctor Who set! True, there are official Lego-knockoff Doctor Who sets out there (he even has a couple characters), but he wanted to do it on his own. And bravo!

Lego Who 2
Geek Spawn pays close attention to how sets are designed and tries to replicate the style. This Lego TARDIS opens to give easy access to the interior… really making it bigger on the inside! You can see above that he has the control console included too. The only drawback; he didn’t have a blue door.

The Heroes
The 10th Doctor – He didn’t have a trench-coat for the Doctor, so he cleverly gave him a cape instead. They don’t make Lego Converse either, so brown shoes it is. He made the Sonic Screwdriver out of a lightsaber handle and a small glowy brick.
Rose Tyler – Geek Spawn had to search his sister’s room for some help with this one. Rose got her hair from one of the Nerdling’s Lego Friends sets. But it’s pretty much perfect! She sorta-has on her Union Jack shirt too!

Lego Who 3
Some of the most popular Doctor Who villains are represented as well.

The Villains
Weeping Angel – Complete with wings. Not so weepy, but maybe it’s attacking!
Dalek – He did such a great job creating this! It is so good! Sadly, he couldn’t find a way to attach the eye, so it’s taped on!
Cyberman – I’m not sure how he managed to find the head attachment. But it really completes the Cyberman… well Cyberminifig.

I’m always impressed at the Geek Spawn’s skill. Each time, he manages to create the most impressive things!

What do you think? Are you ready to play Legos?



2 thoughts on “Geek Spawn: Who’s Who in Legos

    • He says “thanks!” I was totally impressed with it too! His friend wanted a Dalek so he’s shopping fo spare lego pieces this weekend.


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