Disney Mashup: The Princess and Mr. Toad

Disney Crossover 2

Blogs From Geekdom ponders… what if the little amphibian didn’t get kissed?

We all know Disney’s first black princess, but not too many are familiar with Mr. Toad… Other than his Wild Ride at Disneyland. But he’s a real character from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, and a fun one at that. His story is from The Wind in the Willows portion of the movie and his character is not that different from Naveen! Except he’s a toad, not a frog!

Assuming that Mr. Toad and Tianna’s stories are mashed together through Disney magic, several thoughts come to mind on how that might work. So, I have taken the liberty to give a rough plot outline for the next hit Disney movie: The Princess and Mr. Toad...

  • Tianna is a working girl in New Orleans
  • She dreams of owning her own restaurant
  • As she is wishing on a star, she sees Mr. Toad driving by in a motor car
  • Curious, she follows him to the weasels’ hideout
  • The hideout is in a Mardi Gras parade float storage warehouse
  • The weasels grab Tianna and tie her up
  • Toad accidentally rescues her by crashing his car through the hideout wall
  • To show her appreciation, Tianna wants to give Toad a kiss
  • Toad wanders off before she can, consumed by his newest mania: parade floats
  • She grabs Toad, but he escapes, calling her Ms. Human
  • Toad runs to a nearby float, his eyes red with float-mania
  • He jumps in and drives away at 2 miles an hour in a float shaped like a fruit basket
  • Tianna blows Toad a kiss and goes back to work
  • Toad drives his float off into the sunset
  • Tianna gets a huge reward for stopping the weasel gang and buys a restaurant
  • She lives happily ever after, never becoming a Disney princess
  • Toad is killed by a train and sent to… a really hot place

It’s got some serious potential! Mr. Toad is such a selfish character, it’s a very plausible story. The Disneyland ride gets dark really fast, sending Toad to hell. So, it seemed right to work that in.

Do you see any problems in my story? It works, right? How would YOU make it better?


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