Film Food: The Band-Aid (as a cookie) from Pulp Fiction

Bandaid 4
This bloody bandage makes a quick, gross and tasty snack!

Again, I’m taking some license by saying this is from Pulp Fiction. But, hey, my Blog, my rules! Really, this was another recipe I found on Pinterest while searching for Halloween party ideas for my daughter’s class. However, between Marcellus Wallace having a Band-Aid suspiciously on the back of his neck and Bruce Willis getting beat up, I’d say these cookies are perfect for a Pulp Fiction movie night treat! They’d also work well for Rocky, Fight Club or School of Rock (Get it? Band-Aid? Ha ha!)

1/4 of a graham cracker
White frosting
Red jelly

Bandaid 2
Spread the frosting into a square in the center of your graham. This is the padding of your Band-Aid. Next, drop a small portion of red jelly (I used raspberry) on top of the frosting. It’s that easy! And so safe, you won’t even need a Band-Aid! Display them next to a box of Band-Aids to really sell the idea.

The verdict on these: Not bad. They were okay. They tasted good and were really fun for the Nerdling’s classroom. It was sweet, but not my favorite combination of flavors. Maybe I’ll try it with cream cheese instead of frosting next time. Another drawback is that they need to be eaten soon after they’re made or the graham cracker gets soggy wherever the jelly┬áis touching┬áit.

In the fifth, you bring me a cookie. Say it!

In the fifth, you bring me a Band-Aid cookie. Say it!

Does this look delicious or disgusting? Let me know what you think!


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