How Much Are You Really Worth?

In response to the “How Much Are You Worth?” questionnaire involving mostly worthless things, BFG has come up with its own worthwhile worthiness assessment…

The worthiness questionnaire on Facebook was full of “important” questions like, “Have you been drunk?”. It seemed to us here at Blogs From Geekdom that 90% of the choices were worth $0.00… if not less! So, we have worked hard to come up with some options that might be worth just a little bit more. See what your net worth is.

  • Complimented someone’s clothing…   $1.00
  • Complimented someone’s personality… $5.00
  • Encouraged someone having a bad day… $6.00
  • Put a positive message on someone’s Facebook wall… $5.00
  • Played on a school sports team… $4.00
  • Learned to play an instrument… $4.00
  • Had a photoshoot with a friend… $3.00
  • Posted a video of yourself singing… $2.00
  • Apologized for a wrong you did… $7.00
  • Forgiven someone for a wrong they did… $10.00
  • Said “I love you” to your parents… $5.00
  • Helped your parents without being asked… $6.00
  • Said “Thank you” to a teacher… $7.00
  • Gave money to a homeless person… $1.00
  • Said “No” to drugs… $10.00
  • Said “No” to alcohol… $8.00
  • Said “Not till I’m married” to sex… $20.00
  • Prayed… $3.00
  • Read an entire book of the Bible… $5.00
  • Gone to church… $3.00

I think many of the above items really come closer to how much a person is worth than “Have you ever stolen anything?” A persons worth is too often dependent on the wrong things. Everyone is worthwhile and worthy of your time. Even you!

How much $ are you worth according to this questionnaire?



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