Peanut Butter Burgers Are Not Weird!

Peanut Butter Burger
I get a lot of strange looks over this one…

First you need the backstory: I’m out at a restaurant with my wife and some friends. In a burger mood, I direct my eyes toward the menu. There, nestled in somewhere between the bacon burger and the jalapeño burger, I see a listing for the Peanut Butter Burger. What? Really? That’s a thing? The description of the burger is followed by these words:

If you don’t like it, it’s free!

What did I have to lose? Absolutely nothing! I proceeded to order the PB Burger. When it came, I tentatively took a bite… It was amazing!

You know what came next…
Burger Gif 2

Now I have a hard time enjoying a hamburger without a delicious glob of peanut butter spread across the bun.

When I make them at home… peanut butter!
When I have them at a church BBQ… peanut butter!
When I have them a summer camp… peanut butter!

Oh yeah! I have been “spreading” the word (pun intended) about the peanut burger ever since. My daughter is hooked. To this day, the Nerdling will not even have a hamburger unless peanut butter is available. We’ve got several others hooked on the PB burger too! So good!

Are you willing to try it out? Let me know how it goes!



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