Film Food: Cheesy Blasters from 30 Rock

Thanks Meat Cat!

When I heard about Cheesy Blasters, I had on thought in my head: I want to go to there!

This one was a little confusing. The song is very clear on how the Cheesy Blaster is made: hot dog… filled with jack cheese… folded in a pizza. You’ve got Cheesy Blasters! But the actual food shown on Season 4 of 30 Rock is definitely a hot dog in a Hot Pocket:
Cheesy Blasters 4

So, I got creative and combined a little of both…

Hot dog
Jack cheese
Pepperoni Hot Pocket

Cheesy Blasters 3
I started with a pepperoni pizza hot pocket. I figured this was pretty much like folding it in a pizza, and it matched the look of the one shown on the show. I was hoping to be able to just stick the hot dog inside, but since they were frozen, it wasn’t really an option. So I cut them in half.

Cheesy Blasters 2
I wanted to actually “stuff” my hot dog with jack cheese, so I sliced them down the middle. This gave me a bed to put my cheese in. One thing I noticed: Jack cheese is white, but the cheese in the episode is orange. It’s possible that it’s been colored, but more likely they didn’t use jack cheese. Anywho, I took my hot dog, stuffed it with some jack cheese and… put it in my Hot Pocket sandwich.

Cheesy Blasters 1
After 25 minutes in a 350 degree oven, the Cheesy Blaster was ready to eat! I was surprised how very little of the cheese and Hot Pocket ingredients came out during cooking. I thought that would be a mess!

The verdict: Taste-ee! Not a shock really. It’s like a wiener wrap with pepperoni. Or a pizza with hot dogs. Who knows what kind of “meat” goes into a Hot Pocket anyway! But it was very good. My family all enjoyed theirs too, though my wife thought it was too salty.

Have you tried the Cheesy Blaster yet? Have you wanted to? Let’s discuss…



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