Cartoon Characters A-Z

Roger Rabbit
BFG has put together a list of the all-time best cartoon characters throughout the alphabet. Come along, this’ll be fun!

I’m sure you’ve all been bored on long car trips. In desperation for some entertainment, often times the group will fall back on the Alphabet Game. I realize that “Alphabet Game” is different to different people, so to be clear, this version of the Game is going around the car taking turns naming things with the next letter of the alphabet. We’ve done it with movies, songs, girls names, boys names, things in a refrigerator… the list is endless!

As you get ready to head over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving, this post will help you listing cartoon characters for the Alphabet Game! I always get stuck around the usuals: Q, U, X and Z. (This time, even N was tricky!) But, don’t worry, we’ve found some for those awkward letters too!

This could also help you if you a big Scattergories player! In Scattergories, you get double point if you have two words starting with the same letter. I’ll try to include as many as possible, just for fun! They’ll be marked with a *.

I’ve included some of the popular productions the character is famous for. There are usually other options too, such as comic books, comic strips, and cameos in movies like Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

  • A – Alvin ~ The Chipmunk Movie. Alternate A: Arthur Aardvark*, Arnold, Aurora
  • B – Bugs Bunny* ~ Cartoon shorts, Space Jam. Alternate B: Boo Boo Bear*, Betty Boop*, Bart Simpson
  • C – Charlie Brown ~ A Charlie Brown Christmas. Alternate C: Chip (‘n’ Dale), Carl Fredrickson
  • D – Donald Duck* ~ Three Caballeros, Duck Tails. Alternate D: Daisy Duck*, Daffy Duck*, Dora, Daria
  • E – Eeyore ~ Winnie the Pooh. Alternate E: Ellie Fredrickson (Up), Emmet (Lego Movie), Elmer Fudd
  • F – Fred Flintstone* ~ The Flintstones. Alternate F: Felix the Cat, Fat Albert, Ferb
  • G – George Jetson~ The Jetsons. Alternate G: The Grinch, Gadget, Goofy, Genie
  • H – Homer Simpson ~ The Simpsons. Alternate H: Heckle, Hulk, Hewey Duck, Hades, Huckleberry Hound*
  • I – Inspector Gadget ~ Inspector Gadget. Alternate I: Iron Giant, Iago, Ichabod Crane
  • J – Jessie ~ Toy Story 2Alternate J: Jeckle, Jake the Dog, Jane Jetson*, Josie (and pussycats)
  • K – Kanga ~ Winnie the Pooh. Alternate K: Kim Possible, Kerchack, King Louie
  • L – Leonardo ~ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Alternate L: Launchpad McQuack, Linus or Lucy Van Pelt
  • M – Mickey Mouse* ~ Fantasia, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Alternate M: Minnie Mouse*, Mighty Mouse*
  • N – Nala ~ The Lion King. Alternate N: Nana, Nutsy (Robin Hood)
  • O – Odie ~ Garfield. Alternate O: Optimus Prime, Oliver, Owl
  • P – Pink Panther* ~ Cartoon Shorts. Alternate P: Peter Pan*, Porky Pig*, Popeye, Phineas, Pluto, Pikachu
  • Q – Quasimodo ~ Hunchback of Notre Dame. Alternate Q: Queen of Hearts, Quake (X-men)
  • R – Roger Rabbit* ~ Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. Alternate R: Rocky Squirrel, Ren, Raphael
  • S – Sylvester ~ Cartoon shorts, Space Jam. Alternate S: SpongeBob Squarepants*, Scooby-Doo, Snoopy
  • T – Tweety Bird ~ Cartoon shorts, Space Jam. Alternate T: Tiana, Tom (& Jerry), Timothy Mouse
  • U – Ursula ~ The Little Mermaid. Alternate U: Underdog, Uniqua (Backyardigans)
  • V – Velma Dinkley ~ Scooby Doo. Alternate V: Vanity Smurf, Vixey, Vanellope von Schweetz*
  • W – Wall-E ~ Wall-E. Alternate W: Woody Woodpecker*, Winnie the Pooh, Wyle E. Coyote, Wonder Woman*
  • X – Xavier, Charles ~ X-Men. Alternate X: Xena: Warrior Princess
  • Y – Yogi Bear ~ The Yogi Bear Show, Yogi Bear. Alternate Y: Yoda, Yen-Sid, Yzma, Yosemite Sam
  • Z – Zim ~ Invader Zim. Alternate Z: Zeus, Zazu, Zipper

Well, that was harder than I thought it would be! Admittedly, I had to snoop around the interweb for some of those too! But I hope they help you kick your family’s butt on the way to Grandma’s. Or at least win you a huge trophy at your next Scattergories tournament!

Did I get everyone? What are some of your favorites that I missed?


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