Thanksgiving Traditions and You!


Thanksgiving is observed all across America in a variety of different ways. Did we get the way you do it? Let’s find out…

Thanksgiving traditions come from several different sources:

  1. The way our parents did it… doing what you remember from your childhood.
  2. The way our spouses parents did it… once you’re married, you have to adapt!
  3. New ideas you have for your own kids… unique practices that are all yours.
  4. Yearly community, school and church events… parades and the like.

Let the festivities begin!

  • THE FOOD – The standard meat for Thanksgiving is the turkey. This poor bird is consumed on millions of tables every year. This is the favorite of my daughter, the Nerdling, a born meatasaurus. But what else? In my household, we all want a huge heap of real mashed potatoes; none of that instant stuff for our Thanksgiving! My son, Geek Spawn, can’t make it through the meal without a pile of Stove Top stuffing. He’s a brand name snob when it comes to stuffing. Delicious home-made gravy and fresh rolls finish out the must-haves. We also have some sort of veggies. I’m partial to creamed corn, but the rest of the Blogs From Geekdom clan is not. The Wifey likes to have sweet potatoes, but refuses to put the delicious marshmallows and brown sugar on them stating, “That takes all the health out of it!” A lot of families do the green bean casserole with crunchy onions, but that never caught on with us. And of course, two words: Punkin pie!
  • THE PARADE – While the bird is in the oven, I like to watch the Macy’s parade. I’m the only one. No one else will sit through it with me. The Nerdling pops in from time to time, Geek Spawn sleeps in, and the Wifey writes her books. I enjoy the bands, the floats, the balloons and even the performances by the New York Broadway shows. While I watch, I usually go through the shopping ads deciding what I’m going to shop for on Black Friday.
  • THE FOOTBALL – No one in my family is a football fan, so we don’t watch it. At all. But, I realize that a lot of people do. In college, I spent several Thanksgivings at a friend’s house. He was a football guy. We watched football, played football, and even watched the highlight film of his high school football days. But that gave me time to do another Thanksgiving tradition: sleep!
  • THE NAP – All that tryptophan and heavy food takes it’s toll around 2:oo. Passing out in front of the TV is really easy!
  • THE FAMILY – We live in Nowheresville, Eastern Oregon, so we like to get out of town. We go to my parents’ house in Washington for the holiday. Many people go to family or bring family to them for the feast. We love being able to be with our loved ones at Thanksgiving. It’s also a better place to shop!
  • THE SHOPPING – I’m that guy. I get up at 2am and wait in line outside Target to make sure I get a great deal on a new pair of pajamas. Really, I focus my energy on buying DVDs. Walmart typically carries a bunch o’ $2 movies on Black Friday. Interesting factoid: Black Friday is called that because businesses that had been running in the red (not making a profit) all year typically would go into the black on this day. Sadly, more and more businesses are starting their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day.
  • THE THANKS – Amidst all the festivities and traditions, we all need to take time to give thanks. And, it seems necessary to mention these days that it’s God we are thanking. We don’t just thank each other, thank the air, or thank the Great Food Spirit. We appreciate that God has blessed us for a whole year with friends, family, and good times. He has helped us through the bad times and got us to this time and place of thanks.

So, whatever your traditions are: food, football, family or friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week!

BFG would love to know what YOUR traditions are… Let us know in the comments!



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