Cute or Creepy? Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons

Tday 11

To prepare for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Blogs From Geekdom has done a hard-target search of every website, blog and TV news report to bring you the Top Ten Creepiest Balloons of the past 88 years. Let’s see if you agree…

Tday 121937
10) The Kid with the Schnoz
Imagine if Pinocchio actually told a BIG lie! Just. Don’t. Sneeze!

Tday 91932
9) The Turkey that Appears to be Exploding
With wings like that, it’s no wonder turkeys don’t fly! Maybe even scarier than his bubble wings are his immense claws!

Tday 71936
8) Dr. Feel-Not-So-Good
His incredibly long arms seem to be ready to grab kids right off the street. And his body looks suggestively like a big pill!

Tday 81934
7) Overly-Rounded Mickey
M-I-C… See you in your nightmares!

Tday 31931
6) Slug-cat
Is it a worm? A dragon? What’s stuck in its throat? So many questions from one the very first balloons.

Tday 102007
5) Ronald McFrightning
Over 1 billion scared! That hand looks ready to scoop kids up and shovel them in to his huge clown mouth!

4) Frankenbaby
Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Thanksgiving. Just… Just no, Tim.

Tday 11937
3) The Desolation of a Dragon Balloon
What’s the most obscure balloon we could do this year? How about a ferocious dragon that sort of looks like a jumping puppy!

Tday 52012
2) The Dead Grayscale Clown
Too scared to look at himself, he’s covering his own eyes! Maybe we should all follow his example! Don’t blink!

Tday 21940
1) Just Another Pretty Face
The Eddie Cantor balloon is why they don’t base balloons on real people anymore! Those arms look really uncomfortable!

What did YOU think of those balloons? Cute or creepy? Let me know below!


4 thoughts on “Cute or Creepy? Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons

  1. That is creepy … For the time period, I think Mickey looks pretty close to his animated version. i wonder if some of those older balloons were designed that way on purpose or was it just that balloon technology wasn’t that great (or society’s tastes has changed)?


    • I think it has to be the lack of technology and money to put them together well. In early years, they must’ve been impressive just to exist and they rode that out for a few years. But the creepy grey clown has no excuse. it’s just weird.


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