Brilliant Leftover Advice from BFG

It was Monday of last week and I was already going on my fourth Thanksgiving-type meal. To mix it up a little bit, I try to change the look of it. Last year I made Thanksgiving pizza. Here’s what I did this year…

A few layers of food thrown together in the right way and you have a Thanksgiving casserole!

Thanksgiving Casserole
I showed the layers above in the picture, but of course, it was completely filled in when we ate it.

  • The bottom layer was all of our leftover stuffing.
  • Above that was a layer of turkey. (I used lunch meat because we didn’t have any leftover turkey).
  • The next level up was the leftover mashed potatoes.
  • It was all topped off with the leftover gravy.

It was delicious and a great creative way to use up the leftovers!

What do you do with all of your leftovers? Let me know!


4 thoughts on “Brilliant Leftover Advice from BFG

  1. There’s a lot of people in our family so we don’t have a whole lot of leftovers. But I just like reheating and eating it, especially the mashed potatoes and the boxed stuffing, ’cause we don’t make them a whole lot during the year. Pretty boring, I know, but I enjoy them. =)

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