My Frozen Conundrum

I really like Frozen. It’s a totally fun movie with a great soundtrack! But I have an issue with one song…

On the way home from the movie theater after seeing Frozen, we stopped at Walmart and bought the CD. The music is peppy and fun, and most of my Youth Group kids can sing them all by heart by now. Walt Disney would never have allowed lines like, “I don’t know if I’m elated or gassy,” but that’s not my real conundrum.

My actual problem is that my favorite song on the album is “Love is an Open Door.”

I totally love the song! It’s so peppy, romantic and fun! It’s charming to see them growing closer. A little ridiculous to get engaged at the end, but serves its purpose well to turn the standard Disney insta-love process on its ear by the end of the movie.


No my problem is that I’m singing along to the song about how much this guy loves this girl when all of the sudden I realize that he is a lying, two-faced jerk! He completely betrays her and leaves her for dead. And he has no sadness about it whatsoever! I shouldn’t be happily watching Anna think this guy loves her! There’s something wrong with this picture!

So, what does that mean for the song? Is it still romantic? Should we be so happy singing it? Ahhhhh!! My brain is imploding!!!

Here’s the clip in case you’ve forgotten… or don’t have children.

So, help me out! What’s your opinion? Good or bad? Romantic or deceitful? Comment, people!


13 thoughts on “My Frozen Conundrum

  1. Yeah, it’s a little weird singing along to it. I feel the same singing along to Let It Go. It’s a catchy, amazing song, but it’s so bitter. It represents a time when Elsa was angry and being self-absorbed. Why sing along to such words. The words to Newsboys Let It Go are much more edifying.

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  2. LOL, my favorite song is “For the First Time in Forever” (minus the line you mentioned, it was just weird/juvenile). =P

    I know what you mean! Ironically, I remember when I was first watching the movie and heard the intro, I thought “Love is an Open Door” sounded too contemporary for their fairy tale, but then by the end of the song I was sold (too cute)! And the whole proposal was hilarious –“Can I say something even crazier?” … And then the big reveal happened … I still love the song, but it is weird that Anna’s duet is with the villain (Disney princess first) and she doesn’t have one with her “true love” (which is a shame, ’cause Jonathan Groff can sing). =)

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