Dueling Lightsaber Designs

That new lightsaber looks really cool! There has been some controversy over the new design, and BFG wants to get its two cents in too. But why stop there? We’re going to look at lots of lightsaber designs…

It’s a no-brainer that Star Wars 7 is going to make a bazillion dollars in its opening weekend. And from the look of trailer, it will deserve every cent!

Really, I just wanted an excuse to watch the trailer again. It looks like J.J. Abrams has done a terrific job matching the style of the earlier movies and still bringing a new, fresh look to it.

So to get to the point: That lightsaber tho! The lightsaber has been evolving over the years. Originally, George Lucas gave us the basic stick. This design remained pretty much the same throughout Star Wars, Empire and Jedi, the good trilogy. It seemed like the only big change you could make to the light saber was what color you wanted: green, blue, or red.


When Phantom Menace came along, Lucas felt a new design would be a good addition to the film. He also thought Jar Jar would be a good addition, but no. Just no. Anywho, enter Darth Maul with his sweet sweet double ended lightsaber.


Sadly Darth Maul didn’t make it to Attack of the Clones, and neither did his lightsaber. Count Dooku (or is it Darth Tyranus?) has his own uniquely styled, but less cool, saber. Complete with an ergonomic bent handle. This really doesn’t seem like the best handle to easily hold on to, but Dooku manages to keep hold of it with a certain elegance.


Mace Windu gave his lightsaber some attitude by building it with a purple blade!


Now, here we are, ready for The Force Awakens, and an even newer design has come up. The T-shaped, triple bladed, deadly death saber. Practically speaking, this really seems like a bad idea. Turn the handle the wrong way while you’re swinging and, bam! you’ve got a big gash in your leg! But, who cares! It looks really cool!


What do you think? Is the new lightsaber good or bad? Cool or not? Let us know!


18 thoughts on “Dueling Lightsaber Designs

  1. The new lightsaber looks pretty awesome to me and I was quite surprised by the trailer for the new movie. It actually looks promising! Because I will admit that I wasn’t too sure about how I felt about more Star Wars movies….but this look promising which makes me happy! Anywho…New lightsaber is totally cool!

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  2. Did anyone get a “fantrailer” vibe until the Millennium Falcon showed up, or is it just me?

    *Disclairmer: I’m a huge Star Wars books fangirl*
    I’m not crazy about the new cross-hilt design … as you said, one wrong swipe … =P It reads too much like a Christmas light cross to me, BUT this was just a teaser trailer. I’m withholding judgment until I watch the film (or at least, the full trailer). I’m more concerned about the new characters and cast. I’m a fan of Star Wars because of the post-Return of the Jedi books, so now that this new trilogy is taking the place of those … I don’t know if it’ll be worse for me to see something like Han and Leia’s children with different names or personalities, same names but different personalities, or if they don’t exist at all …
    But yes, I agree that I’m pretty sure J.J. Abrams would do a better job (he’s been a fan of the movies practically all his life and he can learn from the past Phantom Menace fiasco). =P
    The prequel movies didn’t resonate to me as much as the originals because of the script/dialog, acting and characters … the original trilogy seems to have done it better, or I don’t know … (though I did love the fight choreography, CGI, and costume designs in the prequels).

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    • I’m totally ok with CGI as scenery or even vehicles. But I hate CGI characters! They take me right out of the movie. I feel like I’m so busy questioning Why!? that I miss what’s going on.
      I’ve never read any books but the original trilogy, so for me it’s all original! 🙂


  3. I can understand that. I have a bit more tolerance for CGI characters in live action films if it’s sci-fi or fantasy (e.g. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings) … when it’s in contemporary or modern settings like Alvin & the Chipmunks or the Smurfs, ugh –It just doesn’t work for me. It looks alright, but …

    Original trilogy FTW! It’s funny though, when I worked with younger elementary school kids and they’re all about the animated Clone Wars series … I guess they liked it more because they grew up with it (I suppose I did also, though I didn’t watch the Prequels until 2007 or so). =)

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    • Boy I did. I waited in line 4 hours for my tickets to Episode 1 and then 3 more hours opening night for my tickets. I was a bit let down by it, of course.
      But CGI characters never interact quite right with the real lifers. Their eyes never line up right. Their hands don’t quite grab each other right. It’s all just off!


      • Ouch. I feel for all those people that waited 15+ years … to receive Episode I. The story and execution was underwhelming. –I don’t think expectations are quite as high for this new trilogy, because there has been a lot of Star Wars in various forms of media, but I’m sure they’re trying to do it right and have a repeat of what happened with The Phantom Menace.

        I read one of the reasons why they went the CGI route for Yoda and such was that the characters would be able to be a lot more mobile (e.g. Yoda and Dooku’s duels). But even the technology for puppetry, makeup and other SFX are pretty awesome (I’ve only watched a couple episodes, but on Face/Off [“Project Runway” for makeup/SFX artists] … I don’t know which way is less expensive for movies. =)

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        • I didn’t like the Yoda/Dooku duels either. It felt like a cartoon watching Yoda jump around like that. I much prefer the Muppet. 🙂 I think the new Star Wars is getting decent amounts of hype. Especially since no one thought they would ever get made! And now, surprise! Here they come!


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