The Hunger Games Part 3 Part 1

I had the chance to see Mockingjay Part 1 last week. It was a pleasant surprise…

Much like when I watched The Fault in Our Stars, I couldn’t help but feel I was not the target audience for this film. However, at the same time, there was loads of stuff in this movie that was inspirational, exciting and fun for all ages and genders.

When I first heard about The Hunger Games as a novel, the premise sounded far-fetched, but interesting. A bunch of kids forced by the government to kill each other in a game. A lot like the Japanese story, Battle Royale.
Huger Royale

Hunger Games is a terrific novel. It sucks you in from the moment Katniss volunteers as tribute. (I love the name Katniss. It’s too bad I’ve got no more girls to name!) Full of tyrannical governments, unwilling teens forced to do unspeakable things, a lots of heart as well.

As the books progress, they go just slightly downhill with Catching Fire (although I really liked the clock concept for the games), and plop completely with Mockingjay. Not so for the movies though. Mockingjay, as a movie, is really exciting to watch. It’s nothing at all like its predecessors. This is a story of a rebellion rising up to fight an indestructible power, more like Star Wars than Battle Royale. It shows Katniss’ (love that name) resistance at being the face of the rebellion, her motivation for giving in, and her kick-butt attitude as she is swept up in something bigger than herself.

The biggest drawback I could see to this film is Hollywood. There is absolutely no reason to make this story into two movies, other than, cha-ching, money! Many of the scenes are drawn out way too long, with a several moments of emotional chit-chat that feel like they’re just in there to fill up the time.

A few interesting tidbits…

  • After seeing the amazingly versatile Jennifer Lawrence in movies like Silver Linings Playbook, it’s impressive to see her go back to being a teenager again for Mockingjay.
  • It’s weird to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman, since he’s been dead for almost a year. It’ll be even weirder to see him in the final film.
  • Finally, the half-bald chick. The promotional posters made Cressida seem like an important character to the movie… but not so much.

The movie itself was great! I really enjoyed it. I’m not going to give any spoilers, but the scenes with the workers in the trees and the revolt at the dam were especially memorable. When Katniss (great name) records a message to President Snow from District 8… I’m a man, so of course I didn’t cry, but I think some water might have been dripping from the roof of the theater onto my cheek. Weird!

All that to say: Yes! Great movie. Go check it out!

I’m going to leave with you with a picture of the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence as Katinss Everdeen (awesome name). You can share your thoughts below in the comments!



6 thoughts on “The Hunger Games Part 3 Part 1

  1. Ooh, brace yourself for a long comment. You touched on a lot of stuff, Brad!

    I just read the trilogy earlier this year, so I could watch the movies. Haha, I don’t know if I’d name a daughter Katniss, but her name grew on me and it IS an awesome name for their world. 🙂 I agree, Mockingjay the book, wasn’t as good –though that ending! I haven’t been impacted by a book series like that in awhile, so while it’s not my most favorite series, it’s one of my most memorable.

    I’ve been pretty happy with the film adaptations! At first, I was also skeptical about the final book being split into two (cash grab, anyone)? However, after seeing the film, it felt like it was about the pace of the previous films. Most of it was from the book, if I remember correctly (though some are fleshed out scenes that are only alluded to, such as rebellion in various districts) and there is a lot in Mockingjay. Leaving off where they did (where I thought they would!) the rest of the novel will be fleshed out and hopefully, though the epilogue did need that time skip (she could write a novel on the recovery itself), I’m hoping that they’ll add more or expand on what we readers couldn’t see.

    One of the most pleasant surprises for me was the Hanging Tree song. I totally forgot about it from the book until I was watching it on screen. It was much better than what I could have ever imagined and what they did with that song and the next scenes was chillingly good. 🙂


    • It sounds like we’re mostly in agreement. I did like the Hanging Tree song too. And the movie would’ve been really dry without the rebellion scenes. They added so much! Especially for the guy audience!
      Personally I think it would have been a cool ending to stop when they knocked Peeta out and the screen went black. I think that would have been a perfect place for “Katniss will return…” lol. But then they had to go and do their epilogue…


      • I’m kind of glad they had the epilogue … I think people who didn’t read the books would be distressed by something like that, LOL. It would have been a good cliffhanger though.

        I can’t remember how big Cressida’s role in the book was … I can’t even remember everyone who dies. :-O

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        • I think since they actually called the movie Part 1, leaving an obvious cliffhanger is ok. I mean, we KNOW its not the end of the story. It’s part 1!
          I don’t remember what happens to Cressdia either. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. 😉


  2. The dam scene was so inspiring and memorable (totally loved that band-of-brothers feel it gave the rebellion) and yet at the same time made no sense! Their approach was totally un-strategic.

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