The Play’s the Thing!

Cmas Play3
The accidental thespian! That’s me. When I joined the high school drama club as assistant director, I had no idea that meant I’d end up acting in the shows…

I really enjoy plays. Preferably musicals, comedies or musical comedies. I would go see them a lot more often if they weren’t so stinkin’ expensive!

I became assistant director at our local high school in September. The October show was a series of short skits called Pumpkin Stuffers. I wrote an additional skit for Geek Spawn and his friend which fit in nicely that night. If you’d like to read it, you can find that skit here.

After Halloween, we immediately started working on our Christmas show: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. This is a wonderful comedy about a group of obnoxious kids performing the Nativity for a church. It’s a funny script that sneaks in the story of the first Christmas too. It’s based on a book by Barbara Robinson and was made into a short TV movie in 1983.

Our actor playing Father had wrestling practice on the same day as most of our rehearsals, so often times, I would end up reading his part. At our final night of rehearsal, he wasn’t there again and it started looking more and more like I was going to have to take the role for the performance the next day. In anticipation of that happening, I had the Nerdling help me memorize the part at 5am the next morning. Both Geek Spawn and the Nerdling had parts in the play as well.

Geek Spawn in the shorts and The Nerdling in the black cap

Geek Spawn in the shorts and The Nerdling in the black cap

Sure enough, when it came time to do our final dress rehearsal in front of some of the student body as a test audience, we learned that our Father actor had gone home sick! Enter me, your ever-ready BFG blogger/actor. I did ok at that dress rehearsal, tripping over a couple lines, but holding it together and getting back on track quickly.

That night was our one and only performance. And we nailed it! It went smooth like butter. At one point backstage, someone said, “It’s weird that it’s going so good!” The audience laughed, the props were ready, the actors were on cue and I remembered all my lines!

The actress playing mother is Sparkles, a talented young lady from my Youth Group. Coincidentally, she also played my wife in the play I wrote for church last Christmas. If you’d like to read it, you can find that play here. I knew she has what it takes to pull of this role. Mother is one of the leads, has the most lines, and appears in just about every scene! Sparkles handled it perfectly!

It was a fun night, if not a little stressful. But everything turned out really well. On to the next show!

Cmas Play1

Do you do any acting? Have you ever wanted to? What is your favorite play? Talk to me!


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