Geek Spawn Creations: Lego Matterhorn Bobsleds

He’s at it again! This time taking his talents to the realm of Disneyland. You’ll love some of the details that Geek Spawn added to the Lego Matterhorn Bobsled ride…

He came to me and asked for a challenge. His room was clean and I guess he just couldn’t handle it! “Tell me what you want me to make,” he said. I immediately went to the map of Disneyland I keep on the wall by my bed (Doesn’t everybody have one by their bed!?). We looked at it together and I thought it would be cool to see the Matterhorn. I could almost see the wheels start turning in his head.

He disappeared into his room for a few hours. The next day he appeared with his creation! Check out these details:

Legos, trust, and pixie dust! Each night, at the conclusion of the Disneyland fireworks, Tinker-Bell flies across the park, starting from the Matterhorn. Geek Spawn made sure to include her!

Here you see the bobsleds themselves rushing through the Matterhorn’s tunnels! Also shown here is one of the Lego versions Matterhorn residents: Snowman R2-D2.

The queue is full of lively characters waiting to go on the ride. You can also see a bobsled heading off into the darkness.

But wait, there’s more! The entire model opens up to show the inside. The Lego version is fairly empty, save for the dripping water and basketball hoop. The real Matterhorn ride actually has a small basketball court in its upper area. It was a clever use of the empty space at the top of the ride and the mountain climbers use it on their breaks.

The absolute coolest feature of the Lego Matterhorn is the track. If you drop the basketball in at the top of the track, it will roll all the way through and come out at the queue entrance!

The Matterhorn just wouldn’t seem right with out the Yeti creeping around inside! But Geek Spawn is having trouble finding his abominable snowman minifig. But he’ll join the fun once he is found!

So, once again, Geek Spawn has made an amazing creation, loaded with nerdish details!


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