Things Got Hairy

Cheerleader fixing up the Nerdling's hair

Cheerleader fixing up the Nerdling’s hair

This young lady from my Youth Group, Cheerleader, has some serious talent! One of the things she prides herself on is her ability to style hair. Hers or someone else’s. She’s an obsessive hair-doer. So, one day via Facebook, I challenged her to see what she could do…

Here are a few of the challenges and the results of her styling on her own head!

Her first challenge was Heart Hair. I think she nailed it.

The next challenge was this crazy shoelace type woven pattern. Cheerleader is in the middle. I wasn’t totally convinced on this one, but it’s still pretty good. Another of my teens, Archer, also jumped in on the action and did her friend’s hair in a similar style! The result of that one is on the right.

I thought this one looked really cool and Cheerleader totally got it perfect!

This odd looking creation turned out almost the same. Cheerleader’s hair is a bit shorter than the model though.

I see the similarities here, but Cheerleader did larger chunks of hair. She did it in about 10 minutes. It would have taken me 10 years.

I thought this looked fun. She cranked it out super-fast; way too easy for someone of her skillz! 🙂

Cheerleader and Archer already have plans to do each other’s hair (and probably the Nerdling’s too) and the next girl’s event my wife puts on. BFG will let you know how that goes if and when it ever happens.

Did you like any of these styles? Could you do them? Were you impressed by their skillz? Let me know! I’ll pass on any compliments!





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