…To the Future!

January 1, 2015 ~ According to Back to the Future Part 2, we can expect a lot of great things in 2015! In this, the first post of 2015, we’ll take a look at a few of the potential highlights from the upcoming year.

Some of the BTTF2 predictions are obvious… and eagerly anticipated. Others are a little harder to spot!

I’m sure every kid will be receiving a hoverboard for Christmas this year.

Also, the Department of Transportation needs to get working on traffic safety rules for flying cars.

According to this paper, the late Princess Diana is queen, slamball is a sport, the Cubs win the World Series, the president is a woman, newspapers are delivered by compu-fax satellite and over 3 billion people read USA Today.

Max Spielberg, Steven Spielberg’s now 30 year old son, will direct Jaws 19 this year. Since we were only at Jaws 4 at the end of 2014, that means we get 15 Jaws movies this year alone!

I realize that Café 80s is probably a local, Hill Valley establishment, but I’m really hoping this becomes a chain restaurant. I’m looking forward to the funky Pepsi bottles, the Max Headroom-style Ronald Regan electronic waiter, all of it!

Thankfully we have movies like Back to the Future part II to let us know what the future will be like. It really gives us something to look forward to! What BTTF2 prophecies are YOU looking forward to?

Leave me some comments below, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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