A Lighter 2015: Jan 1 – 264 Pounds

I am not a light person. Quite the opposite. I’m about 80 pounds overweight. about 3 years ago I lost 75 pounds. Most of it has come back. 😦 So, this year I’m starting again. And you’re coming with me…

“What does this have to do with Geekdom?” you ask? Not a whole lot. Except one of the things that I’m using for inspiration is the dramatic weight loss of Chris Pratt before he appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy.
I don’t think I’ll be quite as ab-happy as he is, but such a dramatic change like that is very inspiring.

At Christmas 2013, Wifey, my brothers and I challenged ourselves to lose 20 pounds by Christmas 2014. It didn’t happen for any of us! Not one of us did anything about losing weight. I started out strong, but then had an operation and back pain and a dozen other excuses to not work out. It became just another broken resolution.

But now I have a blog. I have a few people out there that actually check in on me once in a while. I’m going to do this live on the air this year. On the first day of each month I will do an official weigh-in. I’ll post the results here on BFG on the 2nd day of the month.

Here are some ways that you, the Blogs From Geekdom community, can help me out:

  • Encouragement comments – “Way to go!” “Keep up the good work!” “You can do it!” “Whoa, you’re hot!”
  • Pressure comments – “I don’t think you’re quite there.” “The month is almost over!”
  • Light-hearted teasing comments –  “That shirt would look better on Jabba the Hutt!”
  • Advice comments – “I lost 125 pounds eating nothing but seaweed.” I don’t guarantee I’ll follow it, but maybe.

Last time I did this, Wifey gave me incentives for certain goals. At the first 20 pounds, she got her hair permed like I like, etc. My goal for this year is 50 pounds by Christmas. I think it’s very doable. I need to come up with some incentives for some of the in-between goals though. Feel free to comment some suggestions for that too.

So, here I go. The program begins today at 264 lbs. Less food, healthier eating choices, almost no soda, and lots of exercise. Let the insanity begin! I’m off to have a glass of water. Leave your comments below!


3 thoughts on “A Lighter 2015: Jan 1 – 264 Pounds

  1. Go Brad! Having a partner-in-crime with the exercising (and dieting, if you can get someone to join in with you) is good also. My mom doesn’t get out walking as much as she did when she had a friend to go with (who unfortunately moved out-of-state). =)

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    • Supposedly, my wife and I are doing this together! We’re also forcing healthy eating on our kids. They’re not too thrilled with the idea. 🙂


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