Disney Mashup: Pinocahontas

Disney Crossover 3
Blogs From Geekdom ponders… what if the wise old tree was a little wooden boy?

It’s not that far of a stretch to imagine Pinocchio in the place of Grandma Willow. They’re both made from the same basic stuff. Wood.

There’s a few differences that might occur, but I think that I have put together a realistic outline of how that “wood” go. When you combine a historical story with an animated puppet, the results are magical. The result is Pinocahontas

  • Invaders from England arrive on the shores of Italy
  • Pocahontas, a young Native Italian girl, watches them land
  • She doesn’t know what to make of the intruders
  • A handsome fox, Honest John Smith, tells her they are looking for actors
  • She tells them there are no actors in Italy
  • When Smith reports this, his commander, Strombolli, does not believe him
  • Pocahontas seeks advice from a nearby tree
  • The Blue Fairy floats in and makes the tree come alive
  • The spirit of Pinocchio, a little wooden boy, possesses the tree
  • Pinocchio suggests he could be an actor, hi diddle dee dee
  • Pocahontas introduces John Smith to the Pinocchio tree
  • The Pinocchio tree’s nose grows when it lies and says it acted in Lord of the Rings
  • His nose pushes Pocahontas off a waterfall where she is swallowed by Monstro the whale
  • Pocahontas’ pets, Meeko the Racoon and Figaro the cat, dig up the Pinocchio tree
  • He falls into the water where he lands on the whale, causing it to spit out Pocahontas
  • The Blue Fairy arrives and tells Pinocchio his bravery has earned him the right to be an actor
  • Honest John Smith takes Pinocchio to Hollywood where he stars as Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy

This has a lot of potential. Crossovers, fairies, Marvel comics, princesses. Everything Disney uses to make money these days. There’s no way this wouldn’t work!

Check out my other brilliant Mashup ideas: Sleeping Beauty and the Beast and The Princess and Mr. Toad.

Do you see any flaws in this one? What would you change? What do you like better: Pinocahontas or Pocanocchio?


Leave a reply or watch Indiana Jones 4, your choice.

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