Top 10 Rowan Atkinson Roles

Rowan Atkinson has been acting since the late 70s in various character roles. Today, on his 60th birthday, we’re going to look at the Top 10 roles he has played. Where does Mr. Bean fall on that list? Let’s find out…

Let’s jump right in…

  • 10 – Father Gerald (Four Weddings and a Funeral, 1994) – Atkinson played the tongue-tied minister at wedding #2. “…as your awful wedded wife!”
  • 9 – Edmund Blackadder (The Black Adder, 1982) – While not my favorite show, I do have to acknowledge the various characters he performed in this series really helped make him famous.
  • 8 – Zazu (The Lion King, 1994) – Most people are familiar with the bossy hornbill in The Lion King. A fun character played to obnoxious perfection by Atkinson. Disney even modeled Zazu’s facial expressions after him!
  • 7 – Rufus (Love Actually, 2003) – When the jewelry store clerk turned around and it was Atkinson, I was like, “Yessss!”
  • 6 – Dexter Hayman (Hot Shots: Part Deux, 1993) – They spend the whole movie going to rescue Dexter Hayman, an when they find him… surprise!… it’s Rowan Atkinson!
  • 5 – The Doctor (Comic Relief: Doctor Who – The Curse of Fatal Death, 1999) In this comical short, Atkinson shows up as The Doctor himself. At least until he regenerates again!
  • 4 – Nigel Small-Fawcett (Never Say Never Again, 1983) – In one of his earlier roles, Atkinson plays a desk agent assigned to assist James Bond. An amateur spy, the role hints at one of his future characters (#2).
  • 3 – Enrico Pollini (Rat Race, 2001) – Atkinson’s hilariously narcoleptic treasure hunter.
    rat race
  • 2 – Johnny English (Johnny English, 2003) – Atkinson makes a perfect bumbling spy as the lead role in this James Bond parody. Good and his job, yet still completely inept. The first movie is hilarious!
  • 1 – Mr. Bean (Mr. Bean, 1990) – The mostly silent, selfish Mr. Bean gets my pick for number one. Some people just can’t stand him, but I laugh out loud every time! The show is considerably funnier than the movies!

His various characters on the British sketch comedy series Not the Nine O’clock News were all very funny, but no real specific characters stand out above the rest. It was his earliest regular work and you could easily see the versatile nature of his comedic performances. Watch a few of these on YouTube; you won’t be disappointed!

Now if you’re anything like me, anytime Atkinson pops up in one of his cameo roles, you immediately say, “Bean!” Like Pee Wee Herman or Miranda Sings, he has become so synonymous with this character, people sometimes forget that it is just a character!

Love him or hate him, Mr. Bean… er, I mean… Rowan Atkinson has provided some hilarious appearances in movies over the last few years. Oh… and that turkey bit from the picture on #1 happened 6 years before Monica did it on Friends! 🙂

What are YOUR favorite Atkinson moments? Tell ME!


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