Film Food: Characters and Ships (as pancakes) from Star Wars

SW Pan4
A long time ago in a kitchen far, far away…

These pancake formers are lots of fun! They never work quite right for me, but I’ve found ways around that.

The idea is to set the metal formations on the griddle, pour your batter into them and let them cook. When you pull the mold away, ta da!, you have a Star Wars pancake! For me though, the pancake always sticks to the former metal and rips my Tie-fighter right in half!

My preferred method is to just make a large round pancake, and press the mold into it after it’s done, like a cookie cutter! It works great, still shows thee image, and gives you more pancake!

So, when Geek Spawn had a friend spend the night recently, we all got to enjoy fun, Star Wars themed pancakes for breakfast…

SW Pan1
This stormtrooper is even the right color after adding some powdered sugar.

SW Pan2
“Mmmm… delicious I am.”

SW Pan3
“That’s no moon… it’s a pancake!” I had to get creative on this one. I didn’t have a former for it, so I used a small cup for the primary weapon circle and cut the line with a knife. Boom! Death Star!

I prefer the characters to the ships. I think they look a little better. But, whichever you prefer, these are really a fun and easy way to make your breakfasts a little more geek-friendly! They’d also make really cool, really large, Star Wars cookies.

What pancake looks best to YOU? Tell ME below!



5 thoughts on “Film Food: Characters and Ships (as pancakes) from Star Wars

  1. I’ll go with the Stormtroper, with the Deathstar a honorary second because of the creativity involved. 🙂 A fan of Yoda, I am. But in pancake form … Something doesn’t look right. Maybe it’s because the eyes look lifeless with no pupils. 🙂

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