How My Youth Group Solved a Murder

Clue 2
I’m always on the lookout for clever Youth Group game ideas. Real-Life Clue was definitely a keeper!…

Inspired by some versions of Real-Life Clue I found on the interweb, I created by own version of the popular board game (and hilarious movie!). Prior to Youth Group this week, I went to our church’s parsonage which is currently mostly empty. I took my daughter’s giant Anna (from Frozen) doll and hid it in one of the rooms. Then I planted the murder weapon, cleverly hidden in another part of the house. Finally, I posted images in various locations throughout the house of the six main suspects in Clue: Ms. Scarlett, Professor Plum, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, and Colonel Mustard.

We were now ready to play Clue. I gave each teen a “Notepad” with the following information on it:
Clue 5

There were a series of 3 trivia questions for each suspect. All three answers of the murderer were lies. The other 5 were all telling the truth. They would find each suspect’s picture with the answers written on them. They wrote them all down, then decided which one was lying. In this case, Professor Plum was the guilty party.
Clue 3

Next, they had a list of 6 possible murder weapons. However, only one of the weapons was actually in the house. As they searched, they came across the murder weapon hidden in a closet, a Ultra-Sonic Rick Astley cassette tape. (I had to describe what a cassette tape was to several of them. 😦 ) They, of course, had to leave the weapon where they found it so as not to leave any fingerprints and thus become suspects themselves.
Clue 6

Finally, they needed to find Mrs. Boddy (the Anna doll). They had a list of every major room in the house. They had to record what room they found the body in. They, of course, had to leave the body where they found it so as not to disturb any DNA evidence. In this case, Mrs. Boddy was hidden under the stairs in the storage room.
Clue 7

All in all, the game was a great success! Next time, I will make a couple of important changes. First, the Rick Astley tape was hidden so well, that only one person actually found it. And that person didn’t realize what she was looking at! Second, the trivia questions were too hard. I think I needed to simplify at least the liar’s answers so they would be more guessable. But, we all had fun. And we solved the murder!
Clue 8
It was Professor Plum, in the Storage Room, with the Sonic Rick Astley Cassette!

Does this game sound like fun to you? Have you played any similar-type games? Do you have an idea for another game I could play with the teens? Lemme know!



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