Wait Till You Meet My Gidget

For the last few weeks, The Nerdling and I have been watching Sally Field. No, not current day Sally Field. Not Forrest Gump Sally Field or Mrs. Doubtfire Sally Field. Not even Flying Nun Sally field. You gotta go way WAY back for this one: Gidget!

Gidget is a TV series based off of the movie series based off the book series based off the life of the author’s daughter living in the surf culture of Malibu, California. Simple!

While, I wouldn’t exactly call it wholesome, it is clean. Gidget and her friends spend a lot of time out on dates with various boys. All the while, Gidget is supposedly going steady with Moondoggie who’s away at college. Every “high school” boy in the series looks to be about 20-25 in real life. All of the high school students are frequently referred to as “kids.” This might be just to remind the audience that these full-grown adults are really supposed to be students!


Gidget is 15 and half, going steady with a Freshman in college. Her father, played by Don Porter, lets her go pretty much wherever she wants whenever she wants. It seems she has a little too much freedom sometimes. I’m not entirely sure how accurate that is to the 60s, as I wasn’t there.

Most of the conflict revolves around her active dating life. She seems to have a new boyfriend every week. Other issues come up due to her sister and brother-in-law’s meddling into her privacy and jumping to the wrong conclusions.

I did totally enjoy the show. The stories are silly and entertaining. Sally Field is adorable as Gidget! And it gives some good insight on 60’s slang and culture to those of us that came along a few years later. The entire show only ran for 32 episodes, but they are packed full of surfing, beaches, school, family, guest stars and other potential awkward situations for Gidget to get in to. She even learns a few life lessons along the way. Many of the episodes are capped off with her having a heart-to-heart talk with her father.

And look! I found Waldo!

Have you seen Gidget? I haven’t seen the movies. Are they any good? Wasn’t Sally Field adorable? Tell me things!


4 thoughts on “Wait Till You Meet My Gidget

  1. I LOVED watching this show on the TV Land channel! I wish they still played it … Sally Field was adorable. I think I watched a couple of the films (which featured Sandra Dee) in high school. If they ever play it on Turner Classic Movies or something, definitely check it out. However, I liked Sally Field’s Gidget better (but it may just be because I saw the tv show first) … I don’t remember much of the films though.
    Have you seen the Tammy films? They star Debbie Reynolds or Sandra Dee. Those are pretty cute, a bit silly, and clean too. =)

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    • No, I haven’t caught the Tammy movies. I’ll have to keep my eye out for them. Gidget is still really cheap on Amazon right now. Only $5ish. I commented on this to my wife a Christmas time and we both ended up getting me a copy of it! lol


      • LOL, I guess you could return or gift it? OMGoodness, thanks for the tip. That’s going into my cart right now! $5 is cheaper than what my favorite used books/media store sells tv show sets for! Now I need to find $30 worth of items for free shipping … =)


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