A Lighter 2015: Feb 1 – 255 Pounds

It’s been a rocky start. I’ve only lost 9 pounds. But that’s better than going up! For the first week, I did amazing! Then the second, third and fourth weeks came around…

Most of the time, I think about what I eat. I take smaller helpings and choose wheat over white, etc. I do great at breakfast and lunch, barely eating anything. By the time dinner rolls around, I’m ready to eat about 4:30!


My exercise was going great. Then my back spasmed and I was out of commission for a couple of days. Then, the day I got back on the exercise bike, it broke! Not a little break either. But a full-on, pedals fell off, never to return kind of break. It’s in the dumpster now. Fortunately I found my old bike with the uncomfortable seat in the garage. I traded seats with the broken bike and should be good to go again. Now to get back into the habit…

Jan 1 – 264
Feb 1 – 255

Wish me luck! Leave your comments below!


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