Gus. That’s right… Gus.

Last weekend was the Super Bowl. By a weird coinky-dink, last weekend I also watched a sorta-Super Bowl themed movie: Gus.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Gus is a mule that can kick a football 100 yards. When Gus and his owner are hired to be the halftime show for a flailing football franchise, the California Atoms, they bring a new popularity to the team. By bending the rules a little bit, the team’s owner puts Gus in as a player, leading the Atoms on their way to the Super Bowl.

Gus is truly a family movie. I watched it with The Nerdling, Geek Spawn and one of his friends, and my parents. Every one of us had a great time watching the slap-stick antics of some classic Disney entertainment. Don Knotts, Tim Conway, and a bunch of 70’s stars make this movie thoroughly enjoyable. And, thankfully, the mule doesn’t talk (as he likely would if this was a modern Disney movie). It’s great to see a G-rated comedy that’s not animated, lacks any farting or butt jokes, and does not target only children.

I saw Gus several times growing up. When it first began, the Disney Channel used to show classic Disney movies and cartoons instead of the rude-children-run-the-house-while-the-moronic-parents-try-to-keep-up fluff they produce today. Putting a laugh-track over an insult from a 6-year-old does not make it funny! (Sorry, that’s an issue for another blog.) Anywho, other than the clothing styles, the silly-fun story of Gus holds up well even today, 39 years later.


On a side note, Gus is available as a ride-on animal power disc in Disney Infinity 2.0! Now a generation of kids that have never even heard of Don Knotts can play with Gus, the football kicking mule!

Have you seen this one? What did you think??


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