Geek Spawn’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt Extreme

This week was The Nerdling’s 11th birthday! Over the years, I have tried to plus the presents I give to Wifey and the kids by making a scavenger hunt. Geek Spawn has picked up on that idea and taken it to a whole new level….

Ordinarily, I just have one clue lead to the next with some sort of rhyming couplet. Then, one time I did it with pictures. As the kids have gotten older, I’ve tried to make the clues a little harder each year. I was thoroughly impressed with Geek Spawn’s latest effort for his sister.

The clues were fairly basic. The Nerdling received a picture, which led her to another picture, which led her to another picture, and so on. Each picture had a hole punched in a specific location on it. The pictures were then cut out and formed a puzzle. The Nerdling had to keep track of all of the clues and build the puzzle on top of the key at the end.


The Nerdling taped all of the clues on her master key sheet. The master sheet was a series a of letters in circles. Each hole in each clue revealed a specific letter beneath it. As she filled up the master key with her puzzle of clues, she got one letter at a time which told her go to the final location.

When she made it to the final hiding spot (in the fireplace), The Nerdling found a stuffed fish. Stuffed animals are pretty much the perfect birthday presents for her. Or Christmas presents. Or anytime presents.


After an excellent search in and out of the house, Geek Spawn had given The Nerdling a terrific present!

What do you think of his present? Tell us in the comments!



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