Office Tchotchkes… A Faithful Duck


Office Phillip
Most every office in the world has some sort of knick-knack, a doo-dad, or tchotchke (pronounced: “chotch-key”). My office almost nothing but! Today’s Office Tchotchke blog focuses on Phillip P. Quackmore…

Historical Background
Each year, I am in charge of running our church’s VBS (Vacation Bible School) for the grade school kids in our community. It involves games, snacks, Bible stories, prizes, and songs. Over the last few years, we have been giving out Oriental Trading Company rubber duckies as take-home prizes. To tie the ducks in with each year’s theme, I needed a gimmick… er, I mean, partner… Phillip P. Quackmore.

Cultural Impact
Phillip is a hit among the elementary school crowd. He doesn’t do a whole lot, but sit there while I talk at him. Typically, the kids get to watch as each night Phillip is dressed a little more like the theme for the week. I have a bit that I do each night when I introduce him.  I say: “This… is Phillip P. Quackmore. Phillip has a dream. And, no, it’s not that dream about the snake wearing a vest. Phillip’s dream is to become a… [whatever fits the theme for the week]. (I borrowed the snake bit from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.)

The Tchotchke
I found this stuffed duck at a thrift store for a whopping .50 cents. The name Phillip P. Quackmore just sort of rolled out of me and I thought it was perfect. He now sits by my computer for 51 weeks of the year, enjoying his down time between VBS gigs.

Isn’t he awesome? He is a vital part of our VBS. What would you do with a stuffed duck?



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