We Had a Clue

Mrs. White, Mrs. Peacock (Scarlett?), Mr. Green, Mr. Boddy

Mrs. White, Mrs. Peacock (Scarlett?), Mr. Green, Mr. Boddy

Last week, we were invited to a fundraising Clue Dinner. Being huge nerds, we had to go all cosplay with it…

The dinner was not at all what we expected. It was hosted by our local fairgrounds and we were thinking, “murder mystery dinner,” or at least live action Clue like I did for my youth group. (Find out about that event here!) But it really was a Clue dinner. There were 8 tables where 8 different people played Clue. A little different, but not bad at all. I ended up winning my table, sort of. Technically, Geek Spawn won, but he gave me his answers.

We had some fun with the theme and threw together several cosplay costumes:

  • The Nerdling had a black dress, so we turned her into either Mrs. White or Yvette, depending on your Clue version. Mrs. White was the maid in the actual board game, but when they made the movie, Mrs. White was a guest and the maid was a completely new character, Yvette.
  • Geek Spawn was tricky. We could not find a single thing that worked for him. Eventually we just dressed him in black and declared him to be Mr. Boddy. In the game, Mr. Boddy is the name of the victim whose murder you are solving. In the movie, Mr. Boddy is host of the party… or is he?
  • Wifey looked smoking hot in her blue dress. We declared that she was Mrs. Peacock due to its blue color. However, in the movie, Miss Scarlett wears a blue strapless gown reminiscent of my wife’s.
  • As for me, I was Mr. Green. In the game, Mr. Green is just an average guy with a green theme. In the film, he’s a much more nerdy character. I gave myself the thick movie version Green glasses by popping the lens out of some 3D theater glasses.

While, the night was not quite what we expected, we did have a good time in our cosplay. At the end of it all, I won an auction for 2 desserts and one of my teens, Archer, won the final game of Clue against several adults from our community!

Does a Clue night sound fun to you? Do you like the game? Have you seen the movie?



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