The Hair Dare

It was girl’s night at my house. What we call a “Chix Mix.” My Wifey invites the girls from our youth group over for junk food, chick flicks and games. This time, inspired by a challenge I gave one of my teens a few weeks ago, we had them compete to see who was the best hairstylist. YOU get to pick the winner…

Ordinarily Cheerleader is considered by the girls to be the hairstylist pro. So, would the others be up to the challenge? That’s for you to decide. Four girls were competing for the ultimate prize: A really big Hershey’s Kiss. Four other girls, including The Nerdling, donated their heads as the hairstyling medium. Following are the results of their competition. You, the BFG viewing public, get to help pick your favorites.

Hairstyle #1
At this point, all of the girls were ready. This is really the best test of the night. A few of them started having troubles as the night went on. The picture I provided is in the center. You vote for your favorite on Hairstyle #1: A, B, C, or D?

Hairstyle #2
When I found this on the interweb, I was sure that it was going to be one of the easiest designs. As soon as I showed them the picture, I was greeted with, “Whoa!” and “Really!?” Apparently more difficult than I anticipated. Only two girls managed to finish. Full disclosure for your vote: The designer of Head A looked on the interweb for help, while Head D created hers from scratch.

Hairstyle #3
After the Hairstyle #2 issues, I let the four Heads pick the final challenge. They chose the picture on the left. As you can see, the designer of Head B did not finish this one either. Head C got creative and opted not to do the vertical braids, citing that the waves looked better.


Now it’s up to you! Let me know your votes for your favorite designer on each hairstyle. A, B, C, or D? Comment me below! I’ll post the winners in a blog next Wednesday.


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