My Shameless Kickstarter Plug

Are you familiar with Kickstarter? My Wifey is. She’s smack dab in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign! If it’s successful, it’ll provide a sweet addition to her upcoming books (she’s an author). If not, well… we’ll figure something else out. The trick is the waiting…

She already has 13 books in print and available for sale. She’s almost exactly like Stephen King… except for writing style, subject matter, genre, gender, fame, money and popularity. But other that that, they’re like twins! But this newest book series is something completely different.

RoboTales is a children’s series, whereas all of her books so far have been targeted at teens. RoboTales has had so many ideas provided by my son, Geek Spawn, that he’s going to get a cowriter credit, whereas Wifey has been the primary contributor to her previous stories. RoboTales is going to have illustrations if the Kickstarter campaign is effective, whereas her previous books have been all about that text, ’bout that text. RoboTales is inspired by fairytales, whereas her previous novels have been biblically based.

The first three stories in what will become an eight-story series have already been written. Assuming these stories get popular and made into movies, with a two-movie split for the final story, we could be looking at 9 movies! And the Kickstarter backers get to brag to all their peeps that they made it happen!

See her Kickstarter page here: Robo’s Kickstarter Page.

The way Kickstarter works is kinda clever. People, such as my Wifey, post their ideas on the Kickstarter interweb page. They offer rewards for people that make certain levels of donations. (like: Pledge $10 and we’ll send you an autographed bookmark, pledge $100 and we’ll call up and sing to your children on their birthday, pledge $1000 and we’ll give you a kidney, etc.) If the donation goal is not reached, nobody pays and the person running the campaign collapses into tears, then regroups and comes up with a new plan. If the donation goal is reached (or better yet, beaten by thousands of dollars), than each pledger pays up and the campaign runner sends out the rewards.

See her Kickstarter page here: Robo’s Kickstarter Page.

It’s all a great plan in theory. The problems come with impatience. My Wifey’s Kickstarter has been running for about three days and, at the time I’m writing this, she’s already 10% of the way toward her goal. Meanwhile, I have to watch her bite her nails, pace the floor, and fear for the future of Robo the robot dog. It’s all part of the fun when you choose an creative arts based job.

See her Kickstarter page here: Robo’s Kickstarter Page.

I’m not posting this to subtly get you to back her. I think I’m being fairly obvious! But, for reals, this topic fits my blog for sure. Trending things like Kickstarter, books, illustrations, interweb… If this isn’t the world of Geekdom, I don’t know what is! Oh, and if you are interested is supporting her, I’ll provide a link to her Kickstarter campaign…

See her Kickstarter page here: Robo’s Kickstarter Page.

Thanks for reading! Have you tried to Kickstarter something yet? It’s scarily exciting! Comment me!

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