Once Upon a TV Show

It’s hard to find a show we can watch as a family. My Wifey hates Disney Channel shows, we don’t want the kids to watch most modern television which is filled to the brim with sexual humor, and we have both a boy and a girl with diverse interests. One thing we’ve managed to find is Once Upon a Time.

Is it perfect? Not at all. It uses some mild language occasionally and I think you’d find less cleavage if they just put the characters in bikinis. But as mid-2000s programming goes, it’s pretty good!


The gist of the show is Emma comes to Storybrooke where she discovers that all of the characters from fairy tales and children’s stories are living happily, oblivious to the fact that they are under a curse. They have “real world” names and jobs which are different from their story world personalities. Emma’s job is to lift the curse, discover her family, and live out her own story… but first she has to believe!

This show appeals to each member of my family for various reasons. Let me explain…

  • Me – Well, it’s Disney! I loves me some Disney. So, when Emma bumps into the 7 dwarfs, it’s the Disney version of the 7 dwarfs, same names and everything. Characters from all across the Disney spectrum, and a few from other sources too, are represented in Once.
  • Wifey – She is an author, so she gets involved in the complicated storylines. It’s from the producers of Lost, so it uses a lot of the same flashback/parallel universe style of storytelling. Sometimes Wifey gets so involved she gets irritated with the show because she’s started caring about the characters!
  • Geek Spawn – My son likes the stories and the action. They do a good job of making the stories come together with magic and excitement. It’s easy to get drawn into what’s going on.
  • The Nerdling – Come on, Disney princesses! I think they pretty much speak for themselves.

The show is full of twists and turns. The character’s stories are not always they way we have known them over the years. The good guys are never fully good, and the bad guys are rarely fully bad. They have emotions, characterizations, and back stories invented just for the show. And trying to trace their family trees… well, just when you think you’ve got it figured out, BAM, here’s a new character!


We have just completed season three. I think the parts of the show are getting better. I loved that they brought in so many new characters, but the season was cut in half. The first half was about Peter Pan, and the second half about the Wicked Witch of the West. It felt like two different seasons. But at least they’re expanding their characters. In season one, anytime something went wrong, it was Rumplestiltskin’s fault. They started getting much more creative in later seasons by bringing in some new bad guys. The end of Season 3 teased Elsa coming to Storybrooke and commercials running during the Oscars suggest that Emma herself may have a bad streak!


Now, while we patiently wait for Season 4 to hit Netflix, I don’t want any spoilers! But if you’d like to chit-chat about the show, I’d love to hear from you! Comment me!

17 thoughts on “Once Upon a TV Show

  1. My sisters and I watch it. We are on season three. It’s pretty good show, but several of the characters(such as Emma) annoy me most of the time. I tend to like the bad guys in the show better, like Rumplestilkskin and Hook. I find them more interesting.


    • There’s nothing wrong with that! haha Sometimes they work harder to make the ad guys more interesting. Giving them unexpected heart and motivation for their actions!


  2. I am a sucker for Once. Ah this show. It kills me sometimes. This past half season especially. BECAUSE HOOK AND EMMA ARE MY OTP AND IF THEY HURT THEM I AM GOING TO GO INTO A HOLE AND CRY FOREVER.


  3. There was … the Mad Hatter’s daughter[?] that looked around Henry’s age in season 1. I LOVE OUaT! But we’re so behind –watched the first season with my brother when it aired, but then we couldn’t coordinate our schedules so we lost some of the season 2 episodes we DVR’d. We got a few episodes into season 2, but … Gah, I need to catch up! (Especially with season 4’s Frozen theme –I LOVE that movie.) We don’t have Netflix, so I think we’re going to have to just borrow the season DVDs from the library this summer …

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